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Acupuncture for Women

Specializing in Acupuncture for Women's Health & Chronic Symptoms

If you’re struggling with chronic symptoms, women's health issues, or infertility; we can help! With her rigorous advanced training and 20 years experience in both Western and Eastern clinics, Inger ("Inga") has helped transform the health of thousands of women.

Perhaps you need help with only small health corrections, or maybe you’re like many of our patients who arrive overwhelmed or afraid. Their body isn’t working right. They feel bad a lot of the time. Their reproductive system is completely out of balance or the aging process hasn’t been quite graceful.

A unique aspect of Inger's work is a focus on “educational medicine” -- meaning, by taking the time to make sure you understand your particular imbalances and giving you personalized recommendations; you leave not just feeling better than you’ve felt in years, but also inspired and empowered — having learned how to maintain health on your own outside the clinic.

Come in and get inspired by your own body's healing wisdom!


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