Wisdom Ways Acupuncture Testimonials

Before I started acupuncture, I was anxious and on edge all the time, and having two panic attacks almost every week. Then, I'd have to deal with the stomach cramping and bowel problems for days after. Almost immediately with the acupuncture my panic attacks decreased by about half, and I started feeling calmer and less high strung. I used to not be able to settle down, and would irritate everyone around me with my constant fidgeting. My bowels also got much more normal and I wouldn’t have the constipation and diarrhea. I started decreasing my treatments once my panic attacks went away completely, and even though sometimes I feel like I'll get one if I have a major project coming up, now I’m able to calm myself down on my own, or I just schedule a treatment the week I know I'll be under more stress, and it takes care of it. I love my acupuncture!


My husband and I had been trying for about 3 years to get pregnant, 2 of those just by not trying to NOT get pregnant, but the last year with much stressful dedication. I also had a lot of anxiety. We were headed towards looking at IVF treatment but due to the costs and stress associated with the procedure, we thought we’d try Chinese medicine first. I started acupuncture and within 3 cycles we were pregnant! The added bonus was that I was so much more calm from the treatment. We’re now shooting for number two, and will be back to acupuncture if we have troubles again!


I slept the whole night through last night, which is nothing short of a miracle. Thanks Inger!

Wendy O.

My IBS got really bad last year after a really hard and stressful time. I started getting acupuncture, and even after the first treatment for the first time in months I didn’t have diarrhea.  After a few weeks of getting treatment the results started lasting longer and now I don’t really feel like I even  have IBS.


Thank you, Inger, for your willingness to take the time to look at all the different aspects involved with my healing. I’ve never had a health care provider spend so much time with me, and really considering not just my symptoms, but foods, my stress levels, the way I’m living my life, the amount of stress I let myself live in, etc. You’ve helped me see health in a bigger picture, and I’m better for it. Thank you!

Laura A.

I started acupuncture after getting diagnosed with lupus.  I absolutely refused to go on the steroids that they wanted to give me, and am so grateful to have found Inger instead.  I’m managing my symptoms completely with acupuncture and nutrition, and for the most part, I feel almost like I did before getting sick now. Inger was the only health care person on my “team” to even mention the nutrition and food connections with auto-immunity, but her advise in this realm has helped me immensely.


I wish you could bottle this stuff! I feel like a million bucks when I leave my treatments!

Jessie R.

I was literally afraid I was dying when I went to see Inger for acupuncture. I had so many weird symptoms and no doctors could explain them. All my tests were turning out normal, and while each one was relief, as time went on and I just started feeling worse, it almost became more frustrating that everything was turning out “fine”. I was “fine”. But I wasn’t fine. I felt crappy ALL THE TIME. At my first acupuncture treatment, after listening to my long list of weird, hard to explain symptoms, Inger didn’t seem surprised at all to hear them all. When she was even able to guess some of my other weird symptoms, and seemed to know exactly what they were related to, I felt my body relax for the first time in months. Somehow, from an energetic perspective, she was able to explain how it all tied together, and when she explained the cause of it all I could just relate to everything she was saying. She was using weird terms I’d never heard of, but somehow, it made sense. And, she seemed completely confident that it would resolve, knew exactly what we needed to do to get there, and we came up with a plan.  It was like she saw this stuff everyday. Sure enough, even after the first treatment, my head was just clearer. It was like a fog was lifted and I could think again. My energy stabilized. And as the weeks progressed, one by one my symptoms just disappeared. I’m not perfect yet. I still have some things we’re working on, but even those are night and day different from when I started. When my doctors tell me it must all be a coincidence, because acupuncture isn’t “proven”, I just chuckle inside.


I’ve had chronic digestive issues since I was a kid. I’ve been on numerous drugs, some which would help for a little while, some which didn’t help at all.  My digestive symptoms started improving right after I started acupuncture, and are almost completely gone now, 2 months after starting treatment. If I do get a flare-up, it’s invariably because I accidentally ate something that we figured out is causing problems. I’m also much more relaxed and calm since I started, which was an unexpected side effect. I really love my treatments.


I started seeing Inger for heavy bleeding and really irregular periods related to the start of menopause.  My doctor told me my only option was a hysterectomy or cauterization because none of the hormones were stopping it.  We did herbs and acupuncture together, and my bleeding stopped almost immediately. Then we continued with acupuncture and my periods completely normalized over the next few cycles. The PMS that had gotten really bad over the past couple years almost completely went away, to the point that I can’t even tell my period is coming now, until I start bleeding.


I have a baby!  I call her my acupuncture baby. I had been doing ART of one sort or another for 1.5 years before finally trying acupuncture. I didn’t really believe it could work because I couldn’t understand how sticking some needles in me and taking herbs could really change anything if my eggs weren’t good quality. But we had spent more money than I want to admit on all the western stuff, and we agreed we’d give the Chinese medicine 6 months, and then give up and look at adoption.  Four and a half months later, I conceived naturally, and my baby girl is a healthy 3 month old now.  The best part is, I hadn’t really been feeling well for many years before the infertility came up, I was fatigued, didn’t sleep well, and got bad headaches a few times almost every week. The ART just made it all worse.  Now, I not only have my girl, but all those symptoms are gone. I had a great pregnancy and feel that I have the health and energy to really be there for my daughter.


Inger got rid of the headache I’d had for three weeks straight, at the first appointment. Now we’re working on them not coming back, and it’s amazing that I’m not taking any medication at all but somehow it’s working. ??  I’ve been seeing her for about a month now, and my headaches are about 75% less than when I came in. I am SO excited to see how this is going to turn out!


My life is so different since I started acupuncture. It was to the point where I was on so many medications that I had to write them down on a spreadsheet to remember when to take them all.  Somehow, I just knew something wasn’t right about this. The fact that I wasn’t really feeling any better on them really made me feel bad.  I felt like I was just ‘existing’. I couldn’t even do the things I loved anymore, and to be honest, I couldn’t even remember what it felt like to care. My life was spiraling quickly downward. On a whim, I started researching online and found Inger. Long story short, I’m off all my medications except 2, and I found a doctor who would support me in the more natural approach I’m trying to take with Inger.  And I’m feeling better than I ever did on all those medications. I’m still working on lifestyle changes, which is hard, but even when I’m not perfect the acupuncture is helping everything feel better, and that encourages me. I wish more people knew about how much this can help them.

Mrs. F.

I had ‘tried everything’ for my migraines when I finally decided I had nothing to lose by finding an acupuncturist. I started asking around, and finally heard of someone else with migraines who had gone to Inger.  I made my appointment, and that is the day everything started changing for me. I was literally at the point of being completely dysfunctional and it was only getting worse. Now, I have the day of my first appointment marked on my calendar with a big red circle, and my husband and I go out to dinner every year as an anniversary, to celebrate my mostly migraine-free life! I’m coming up on the three year anniversary of starting acupuncture. It’s probably the thing that has had the biggest impact on my health, that I’ve ever done for myself.


At my first treatment, Inger explained that this wasn’t really a good medicine for people who just wanted something ‘done to them’ to ‘fix’ them. She explained that this was team work, and that we were equal partners on the journey of my healing. Honestly, that was about the last thing I was wanting to hear at that stage. I was pretty committed to my lifestyle at that point, so I have to admit that even though I felt pretty good after my first appointment, it took me a while to reschedule another one.  I LIKED my busy life that required the convenience of frozen foods. I LIKED my diet sodas! For about 6 more months I went to other doctors again, who gave me prescriptions. That made me really happy…until they didn’t work. So when I got sick and tired enough of feeling sick and tired, and realized it was only me who could make this better, I rescheduled.  That, my friends, is when I finally started getting better.  Like, REAL better. Not just temporary symptoms masked by pills as others are sprouting up.  Now, we are truly a team. She helps me feel better, and I help myself feel better too.

The Stubborn Old Goat

From my entire Chronic Fatigue support group, we all together say THANK YOU for the work you’re doing, and your dedication to walking with people through their most difficult times. We have so much respect for your obvious passion for the medicine, for your commitment to keep on learning, and your encouragement to us all. We can speak as a group when we say that you helped us all remember who we are…people who now remember what it feels like to feel alive again.  Some of us felt immediate improvement, while others progressed more slowly, but across the board we all noticed change happening once we started treatment.  Thank you so  much for being here for us all! You have been so much more than just a health care provider for us, you stand out as a bright light in our long, difficult healing process.

The whole CFIDS group!

Inger was the first medical person to bring up potential parasites and food allergies and sensitivities, after I’d been to 6 other people over the past 4 years, trying to figure out what was causing my extreme fatigue and other weird symptoms.  I finally feel well again.


Endometriosis runs in my family. It’s so bad that my mother and one sister both had hysterectomies.  Luckily, I have a twin who heard about acupuncture for endometriosis and went to Inger because her friend had had good results.  I figured I’d watch how she did, and if she felt better, I’d go too.  I’m really young still, and want to be able to have kids and I was getting really depressed thinking about surgery as my only option. So of course I went, and I think in the second treatment we started herbs.  Eight months later, I’m almost symptom free.  I still go for “maintenance” treatments around my period, and take herbs. At this point, I’m so happy with the improvement that even if I had to do this for life, it would be way better than any other option. Especially because I don’t even mind going in, my treatments are like my “spa days” for myself, because they’re so relaxing and help the irritability I can get at my period.  Not a bad option if you ask me!

April S.

When it finally got to the point where the only medication that would make a dent in my migraines was one my insurance wouldn’t cover and one pill was the cost of a nice dinner out, I started looking into other options.  I found Inger and had three acupuncture treatments that first week because they were so bad.  By my third acupuncture, I went 4 days without a migraine for the first time in months. After that I came in twice per week for several weeks and was much better, having less migraines and the ones I got were less intense.  When I got to the point where I was only getting them around my periods, we backed down to once per week, and now, I only get them when I PMS if it’s been a really stressful month.  The thing I didn’t expect, was how much better I felt in general.  I never paid much attention to my body before seeing Inger, but she taught me about the different between coping and thriving.  Before, I would run my body into the ground and as long as there was a pill that would take my migraines away, I didn’t care.  Now, I know what it feels like to actually feel great.  Good energy, I sleep better, and I crave healthier foods.  And, Inger’s just really nice, so I always look forward to my treatments!

Rosanne F.

Thank you, Inger, for providing such a safe and comfortable place for me to come and get healing.  You have something very special and I know you will touch the lives of many people in a very special way, like you touched mine.  You are a truly gifted acupuncturist.

Monica B.

I came for acupuncture after meeting another woman with Lyme Disease who said Inger’s treatment had been the only thing that helped.  I had been diagnosed with Lyme Disease 2 years ago and life as I knew it had stopped.  I had to quit my job and go on disability.  I had no energy and was in constant pain in my muscles, as well as a heavy burning pain in my upper body.  I never used to be anxious but ever since the Lyme I had severe anxiety.  I went through the whole western treatment but nothing was helping, and I thought I’d never feel well again.  As soon as I started acupuncture, the heavy burning feelings improved, and I could do more things without needing a nap.  I slowly and gradually, but very noticeably, started improving all around, and even though it took several months to feel back to myself, everything started changing once I started Chinese Medicine. Inger also helped me understand the foods I needed to eat to heal, and gave me the right herbs to get the Lyme out of my system. I’m so grateful that I started this process, it scares me to think about where I’d be now if I hadn’t found her.

Charlotte M.

I’m sorry but those herbs you give me taste like absolute crap!  So why do I keep taking them you ask?  Because they work! Yes yes they do! Those, and the acupuncture, have been a God-send for my RLS.  Thank you!

Victoria J.

I can’t really find the words to explain the difference in how I feel…Some of it is tangible, like my nausea, headaches, dizziness, poor appetite, and fatigue that have completely gone since around my third treatment.  But the rest is hard to put a finger on.  You say it’s “balance”, and I don’t really know what that means, but it must be what I’m feeling.  I haven’t had to take a nap since I started coming in…I feel like I’ve gotten my life back.  I’m so glad that this medicine is making it’s way out into the world, and I can’t express my thanks to you enough, Inger…Thank you!

Louis T.

When I first went in to see Inger, I was “flashing” about 20 times a day!  My husband would say he could feel my heat from about 3 feet away.  She immediately put me on herbs and gave me an acupuncture treatment.  The next time I came in, 3 days later, my flashes had gone down to about 3 or 4 a day and my husband couldn’t feel my heat anymore.  He was so impressed that he ended up coming in for his chronic back pain, and that got better, too!  We’re believers now!

Sylvia S.

Those herbs for my digestion have helped immensely!

Donna F.

I had felt so bad for so long, that I was giving up.  My fibromyalgia pain made it so that all I could do was lay around in bed.  I couldn’t even raise my own kids, we had people helping us with everything.  Then, I met someone at church who had gone to Inger for acupuncture for  fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.  She said after a handful of months of acupuncture and herbs, she was probably about 75% better, and she’s still getting better with her treatments.  Sometimes I have setbacks for a couple weeks here and there,  which Inger explained was normal.  But overall I can definitely say my life has taken a huge turn since starting my treatments, and now I know I will get better, because it’s already happening. I got rid of my kid’s after school helper and now I cook dinner for my family every day and can take them to their events. I have a lot of other people in my family who are also very grateful for Inger for the work she is doing.  Her clinic is always quiet and never stressful too, so I always get a relaxing nap when I have my acupuncture.

Irene J.