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Inger Giffin, Acupuncturist

Inger Giffin, Acupuncturist

My Beginnings in Medicine

My clinical experience began in 1997 in a non-profit women’s health clinic.  Regardless of role, we were all taught that we were fundamentally patient advocates – that our ultimate job was to empower & educate women so they could take their health into their own hands and be less reliant on outside help for maintaining health.

23 years later I haven’t forgotten my roots, and the goal of empowerment through education; as well as offering a safe, respectful environment where women can bring their concerns to be heard with compassion, are inseparable parts of everything I do.

But long before then, I’d been both inspired and fascinated by the amazing healing wisdom of the body.  We’ve been given these incredible bodies that were designed to thrive and heal and reset themselves, and yet – they’re not doing that!

I’ve made it my life’s passion and mission to understand WHY, and to learn how to bring the body back into harmony. It’s what drives me back to my studies, to analyzing complicated cases, and into the clinic each day to see my patients.

Primary and Continued Acupuncture Training

My primary training was both in the US and China, where I interned at one of the top medical schools in the country. I first studied in California, which has the most rigorous testing and educational requirements in the US. 

The intensive training and rigorous requirements in California set me up with the foundations needed to practice with a level of complexity that I feel is necessary for the types of conditions I treat.

I‘m also constantly continuing my studies. In addition to years of advanced training in women’s health and fertility; most recently I’ve been focusing on Classical Medicine and deepening my many years of work with the complex practice of customized herbal formulas — which in China is a primary treatment for most of the conditions I treat.  By digging deeper and deeper into the medicine and applying this knowledge to my current patients, I am often able to have breakthroughs with even the most stubborn, confusing cases.

Acupuncture, Herbal, & Fertility Education:


Acupuncture & Educational Medicine that empowers

I am by nature an educator. Because of my love of learning, and my personal experience of knowing how important knowledge is in empowering healthy choices, a big emphasis in my practice is what I call “educational medicine”. 

This means it’s very important that I make sure patients understand how we’re seeing their body and its problems from our very different Chinese medical perspective, so they know what diverse aspects influenced the problem in the first place and unique ways of helping to improve it on their own outside the treatment room.

Outside the Acupuncture Clinic

Alas, life isn’t just about acupuncture! I’m also a complete foodie, and am just as passionate about whole, real, scrumptious foods, as I am about Chinese Medicine.

I also love nature, and outside of work you’ll find me and my Significant Other, as well as our wonderdoggie Nissa, hiking or backpacking out in our beautiful CO mountains.

In cooler weather you also might find me at a local yarn store or sitting at home by the fire knitting up something fun with hand-died, artisanal yarns. In the clinic you’ll often see me wearing these hand-made garments. (pssssst! and if you notice them, you’ll absolutely make my day!) :-) 

I love world travel and have been to 27 different countries; the most interesting trip was the year I sold everything and took a year off to do a solo-trek across Latin America. I also recently picked up my violin and started playing again for the first time in 25 years, and hope to find more time in the coming years to devote to my love of writing.

And lastly… I’m a TOTAL HARRY POTTER FAN!!!  :-P



Liz has been holding the office together since 2014. She’s not only the person answering the phone when you call, but she goes above and beyond to handle all your administrative needs with great care and attention to detail.  She handles almost all the administrative tasks associated with running the office, including the Insurance Billing.

Liz is passionate about wellness herself, having studied Holistic Nutrition and most recently completing a yoga teacher training. She graduated from Denver University with a degree in Environmental Science.

In her free time, you’ll find her in a yoga studio, in the mountains hiking, or harvesting produce from her first ever veggie garden.

Patients are constantly commenting on how awesome and helpful Liz is!