Other Conditions Treated with Acupuncture

Other Conditions Treated with Acupuncture

Not sure you’re a good fit for Acupuncture with me?

If you’ve looked through my website and you think you might be a good fit for acupuncture with me, but you don’t see your specific issue listed under my “Conditions Treated”, then give us a call!

We will happily listen to your main concerns and either help you book with us, or give you the name or names of other acupuncturist/s in Fort Collins who we think could help you more than we can.

Other conditions I commonly treat in my acupuncture clinic

Since I work holistically there is no way to list all the diseases related to the symptoms I treat, and/or other symptoms that come along with a patient’s main concerns.

For example, many of the women I treat also commonly have high blood pressure, thyroid problems, adrenal fatigue, asthma, dizziness/vertigo, and on and on… And because these problems are always related to the same underlying problems that are causing everything else, it’s all being addressed — we don’t see them as separate issues.

Conditions for which I refer out to other acupuncturists

However, there are certain conditions that I feel are better treated by others who have specific advanced acupuncture training in those ailments and stay on top of all the latest western/complementary treatments (ex: injuries/most orthopedic problems, cancer, IVF, addiction, & others); and I refer out in these cases. For a more detailed list see my Conditions Treated page

If in doubt, give us a call! Our primary goal is to help you work with the person who can help you the most and give you the best care; and if we don’t think that’s us, we’ll tell you!

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