Acupuncture for Menopause

Acupuncture for Menopause

Some women report that one day they simply stopped bleeding. There were no hot flashes, mood swings, nights of insomnia, etc. That is a woman with her yin and yang in balance, and that would be our goal if we worked together on your menopause symptoms, with acupuncture.

Unfortunately, most women are not that balanced; and stress, nutrition, and our general state of health determine what menopause is like for us.

Acupuncture for menopause

Acupuncture and herbal medicines work to harmonize our systems, balancing the female qualities (yin) which cool and calm us down and nourish/moisten us; with the masculine qualities (yang) which warm us up and energize us.  When these two are in harmony, we have good energy throughout the day, we are not fatigued or restless or too hot or cold, and when night comes we can settle down and sleep peacefully.

Menopause is a classic period of life where our Yin reaches critical levels of depletion (being a female quality, and waning as we age), so we tend to lack the Yin qualities, which would otherwise keep us cool and calm.  This is a simplification of a complex imbalance, but an example of how we work with the body to restore balance.

Chinese herbs for menopause

Herbs are especially great for replenishing “depleted” conditions such as this. While acupuncture works well to move and stimulate stuck, tense, blocked energy; herbs really excel in replacing what is gone, such as yin in menopausal situations. It is common for a woman to come for a series of acupuncture treatment right at the beginning, to start herbs, and then to back off on the acupuncture as her symptoms improve or resolve but then stay on herbs ongoingly through the transition of menopause, only coming in for regular “tune up” treatments or for short herb refill consultations to get her herbs prescribed.

As always, at the same time I’d also address any other issues, such as digestive complains, migraines, etc.

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