Acupuncture for Fatigue & Chronic Fatigue

Acupuncture for Fatigue & Chronic Fatigue

If you have Chronic or severe fatigue, then you know it can be terrifying, as there is no known treatment, cause, or cure; and its effects can go through almost every system of your body.

Luckily, I’ve found acupuncture to be extremely effective in treating fatigue — whether sudden or chronic — and again and again I see patients get their lives back over the course of acupuncture treatment; literally sometimes going from worrying that they’re dying, to having hopes for full recovery.

The types of fatigue I regularly treat range between mild fatigue that gets in the way of hobbies and enjoyment of life, to so severe and debilitating that a person is on disability.

Acupuncture for Fatigue & Chronic Fatigue: treating each patient as an individual

No acupuncture patient with Fatigue is exactly like the others. What I find is that each person has their own unique picture of the “syndrome”.

This goes along perfectly with the Chinese way of seeing the body, where we temporarily put aside the western diagnosis and just find their unique “root imbalance”; and then work to resolve the ways the imbalance is playing out in each person.  I find that it’s not necessary to even have pinpointed the “western” diagnostic cause, for it doesn’t change how we address it with acupuncture and herbs — we still have to treat their unique underlying root imbalance in order to resolve the symptoms.

Like always, when we’re actually healing the condition through acupuncture rather than masking it with medication, it is not an overnight change. And perhaps more than any other condition, people must be cautioned that they need to be patient and consistent with their healing and treatment process.

Chinese Herbs for Fatigue & Chronic Fatigue

Depending on what imbalance I end up diagnosing a person with, whether it is simply depleted and exhausted Qi, stress induced imbalances, or latent pathogens including viruses, parasites, fungus, or others; I put together a customized herbal formula to address the imbalance from its source. The herbs slowly, and safely, restore balance to the body.  I say slowly and safely because if we suspect a pathogenic root, it is important to not go to fast with treatment and risk an extreme die-off or “detoxing” reaction that can be too hard for a weak body to handle.

The herbs will dramatically improve the treatment results over just acupuncture alone.

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