Acupuncture for Chronic and Opportunistic Infections

Acupuncture for Chronic and Opportunistic Infections

With acupuncture, there IS hope for feeling better!

Each year, more and more patients come in for acupuncture having either just received a diagnosis of an infection like Lyme, Epstein-Barr, or Candida; or having been diagnosed with it for years yet nothing else has worked.

There is more than one approach we can take with Chinese medicine, but a key point to the approach that I take in my acupuncture clinic — which has proven successful — is changing the body’s ecosystem so that it’s no longer a good host for these pathogens.

Acupuncture and Chinese herbs for Infections

Sometimes “killing” the pathogen is a necessary step, yet this can also be an incredibly depleting treatment process, administered to a body that is already very weak. In my clinic, I’ve had huge success with taking the alternate approach of simply looking at where the body’s imbalances are —  where their ecosystem was “off” in the first place, which is what allowed the pathogen to take hold and control — and working to improve and rebalance their body’s correct function. It’s amazing how successful this simple approach has proven, on the hundreds of patients I’ve treated with these infections over the years.

The body’s immune system was designed to be able to encounter all sorts of pathogens, and to effectively rid them from the body.

Why is it that two people can be exposed to the same pathogen, yet one gets ill and the other doesn’t?

In our modern day, we’ve learned to fear pathogens like Lyme and Epstein-Barr, because we all know someone with the diagnosis whose life was changed forever. Yet my clinical experience convinces me more and more that this doesn’t need to be so. When we improve the body’s ability to handle the pathogen, we no longer need to focus on “killing” it (and the resulting damage or weakening of the body that often goes along with that), but we instead focus on nurturing and nourishing all aspects of proper function.

And because the initial imbalance that allowed the pathogen to take root ALWAYS underlies all the other symptoms a patient may be having as well, any other issues they’ve struggled with over their life get better as well; such as migraines, PMS, irregular periods, digestive issues, etc.

It’s the same philosophy that guides my treatment of all conditions: honor the wisdom of the body, and simply help it function in a balanced way and then watch how it resolves infections on its own.

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