Acupuncture Specialties: Women’s Health & Chronic Illness

Acupuncture Specialties: Women’s Health & Chronic Illness

If you’re female and suffering from chronic internal medicine symptoms or women’s health problems (scroll over the “Conditions Treated” tab for more info), then you’re a great fit for our clinic. If you’re worried you might never feel better because you’ve “tried everything” or your case is particularly complex, then you’re among great company with many of our patients.

Rather than treating everything that presents itself to me, I’ve chosen to hone my skills by specializing in specific types of medical issues.  By focusing intently on learning as much as I can about these ailments – and most importantly how they all play into each other and stem from a common underlying imbalance – I’ve been able to have breakthroughs with many of the toughest cases.

The issues I work on often involve multi-system problems — commonly related to hormonal imbalances, lifestyle factors, recovery from illness, and/or stress and overwork/fatigue.

While not always complex, they can sometimes be quite a puzzle and my job is to figure that puzzle out. Once that’s done, we’ve discovered the underlying cause of all your symptoms, and treating that root cause is how several different symptoms can be treated all at once.

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Conditions for which I refer out:

While acupuncture is a holistic form of treatment – meaning that the entire body and all its symptoms are treated as a whole rather than as separate problems – there are still certain conditions that I feel are better treated by others who have advanced training in those ailments and stay on top of all the latest western treatments. I refer out in these cases:

  • Injury/Sports Medicine/Most Orthopedic Issues
  • Addiction
  • Current Cancer
  • Pediatrics
  • Men’s health
  • Late stage pregnancy problems and labor/delivery prep
  • Fertility patients concurrently using IVF/ART

If you’re not sure if we’re a good fit for your condition, give us a call! If we don’t feel we’re the best clinic to help you, we’ll give you the names of other acupuncturists in town who would likely give you better care than we can. Our goal is that you work who can help you the most, and if we don’t think that’s us, we’ll tell you!

Check out the My Approach blog page to read blogs illustrating how I approach the conditions I treat and my style of practice. Or, do a search on the main Blog page to see if I’ve written anything about your health issue.