Who Will Get the Most Benefit from Treatment at Wisdom Ways Acupuncture

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Who Will Get the Most Benefit from Treatment at Wisdom Ways Acupuncture

If you’re open to learning more about yourself in the treatment process and to be a partner in your own healing, then you’re probably a great fit for our practice!

Women who come in excited and open to addressing whatever is discovered in treatment are the ones who typically benefit the most from our work together; finding it not just relieving of their symptoms, but transformational as well.

Acupuncture that’s transformative while relieving symptoms

You might come in for chronic migraines since childhood, and find yourself discovering and working through unresolved grief from your mother’s death 2 years ago, or that your migraines resolve by correcting your digestive problems. You might come in for IBS and find us discussing tips to work with your 5-Element type to assert more boundaries in your life. You might think your low energy is the only thing really “wrong”, but find out that it gets corrected by us focusing on your profuse sweating.

This is because true healing always involves our whole body and mind/spirit.

True healing incorporates body, mind, and spirit

If we won’t be able to reach a patient’s health goals without addressing certain other aspects of their lives, then we will incorporate the entire big picture into the process. By addressing everything related to their current imbalances, patients not only get relief of their chief complaint, but leave empowered to also live their lives more effectively and with less strain.

The importance of understanding your diagnosis and what we’re working on

Because of how much more effective and transformational I believe healing to be when we understand what the problem is and where/how we went out of balance; I do my best to make sure no patient finishes our work without understanding the goals of treatment.  If a patient does finish our work not knowing what we were working on – and even more importantly what they can do to prevent it from happening again in the future – then I’ve failed at my goal.

Being a teacher at heart, I’ve worked hard to create understandable bridges for patients between concepts they’re familiar with and can relate to, and the foreign way we view their symptoms from a Chinese medicine perspective.

What I discovered over the years is that I seem to have a knack for making the confusing, understandable. I use analogies to explain patient’s symptoms and help them understand what’s going on inside their bodies and why it therefore reacts to, say, stress, in their unique way.

Based on that new understanding, as I get to know patients better over the weeks of our work together, I often give “homework”, or tips for things they can do that are unique to their own imbalances. Because patients have that foundation of knowing what we’re working on, they’re able to start recognizing places in their own lives where their choices will affect these imbalances for good or for bad.

Now they’re empowered to make choices that will prevent their imbalances from coming back.

They will stay healthier longer on their own, and need my help way less.

Are you ready to take a whole-body approach to your healing?

Not everyone is ready to delve this deeply into all the various aspects that might need addressing in order to heal. Some people really want to just come in and have something happen TO them on the treatment table, rather than being an active partner in their process of healing. They don’t really care what their diagnosis is, what caused it, or what they need to change in order for it to not reoccur.

Unfortunately that’s just not the way I work.

I never know what will come up in the course of treatment. I let the body and patient guide me.

But if patients are open to go on whatever journey opens up before us, and to learn new ways of looking at their body and mind; then in almost every case deep healing and transformation occur.

Our patients go from feeling powerless or at a loss for how to resolve their health issues, to feeling in control of their bodies, minds, and spirits.

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