Balance your Hormones without Ever Treating your

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Balance your Hormones without Ever Treating your "Hormones"

Acupuncture is commonly used to balance hormones

One of the most common things that brings women into my Fort Collins Acupuncture practice is imbalanced hormones. Either women have lab confirmation that their hormones are out of whack, or they just know they have a hormone issue because they have symptoms such as hot flashes (whether menopausal or not) or irregular periods, etc.

While as acupuncturists we understand hormones and how important it is that they’re regulated, we actually don’t even have a concept of hormones in Chinese Medicine.

Acupuncture treats hormones without using “hormone treatments”

Chinese medicine developed thousands of years ago before hormones were known to exist. Without the benefit of modern lab work, acupuncturists had to be incredible detectives and notice the subtle cues the body shows us in order to understand what needed to be treated in order for a patient to come back into balance.

I could hypothetically see 10 women a day who all have nearly similar hormone panel results, and yet each woman would be seen as unique from an acupuncture perspective. One woman may be cold and tired all the time yet wakes all night with extreme night sweats and evening heat, as well as having very long cycles that only come every few months. Another woman with the same lab results might be high-strung and agitated, suffer from anxiety and irritability, have short menstrual cycles,  yet also wakes all night with night sweats and extreme heat. A third woman might have digestive problems, frequent illnesses, headaches; and also wakes with night sweats.

I look at each person’s tongue and feel their pulses, doing what we call a “pulse and tongue” diagnosis. I can pretty much guarantee that this would result in each of these women getting a completely different diagnosis.

It is the very fact that we view each person as individual, taking into account their entire system, that enables us to have such great results. We find where the body isn’t functioning correctly, which is causing the hormone regulating system to not work correctly, and we fix that. That is how it happens that women can go back and get the same lab tests done after a few months of treatment, and see their hormone panels normalizing even though we haven’t even technically addressed “hormones”.

Conversely, a menopausal women where it’s normal for her to have lower hormones, can have relief of her menopausal symptoms just by getting her body “balanced” with Chinese Medicine. We think of the ideal menopause as one where a woman suddenly just stops having her period without much fanfare or noticeable symptoms. This can and does happen frequently in healthy balanced women.

Do we need hormone panels to effectively treat hormone imbalances?

For all these reasons you can see that there is no use in us using hormone panels to assess or diagnose our patients. Regardless of what hormone panels say, we are still going to work with the current symptoms and imbalances that each woman comes in with, and work to correct the imbalances that are causing them.

Call it regulating hormones, or balancing the system, it’s all the same thing! Regardless, I find treatment to be extremely effective in this very important factor of wellness for all of us women.

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