Fascinated by Disease...or Fascinated by Wellness? This Makes All the Difference

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Fascinated by Disease...or Fascinated by Wellness? This Makes All the Difference

Some years ago, something “horrible” happened in the life of myself and my Significant Other (SO): his eyes one day got wonky, and long story short when he went to the doctor that week for an elbow injury and mentioned his eye symptoms, the doctor immediately walked out of the room, made a phone call, and within 2 minutes my SO was on his way to a specialist.

Within hours, we found ourselves in the hospital radiology department after two brain MRIs with a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

My Response to Auto-Immunity

Because of the exponential increase in patients coming for acupuncture with various auto-immune diseases, I’d already been immersing myself in learning everything I could about auto-immunity. I’d switched to almost a completely paleo diet myself as a preventive lifestyle measure, and had been witnessing the combination of Chinese medicine and nutrition helping patients with auto-immunity live either symptom-free or with a vast reduction in their symptoms.

My clinical experience told me that those who followed the treatment and nutrition plan did well; those who didn’t, didn’t.

So when we got the diagnosis, although terrifying, I knew exactly what to do.

We kicked into high gear and he now went paleo with me. Now we were both doing it 100%, using the auto-immune protocol (AIP), and I started prescribing him customized Chinese herbs.

The Neurologist’s Response to Auto-Immunity

He’d been assigned to a neurologist who was the “top of the top” in MS treatment. She’s doing cutting edge research and people fly in from all over the country to see her. She tries out all the latest and greatest drugs on her patients.

At our first appointment she was very thorough and patient in explaining the disease, and wanted to put him on drugs, the best one decreasing progression of the disease by about 30%. He would stay on it his entire life. 

She seemed quite proud about that drug…but we were underwhelmed.

I knew clinically that simple diet changes and Chinese medicine gave WAY better responses!

30% slower disease progress vs. healing the disease…which is better?

This got me thinking.

The startling thing was, when I mentioned the Paleo diet and the results I got clinically with my patients, the doctor looked at me with a sweet, trying-to-be-patient, “that’s cute, honey”, kind of look. She was completely disinterested in anything that didn’t involve big fancy drugs, even if it was *healing* the disease.

In fact she seemed completely disinterested in the fact that thousands of people were figuring out how to live live symptom-free and heal their auto-immunity through simple nutrition.

She didn’t care.

If there was a drug that had the same results it would be one of the greatest breakthroughs in modern medicine  in decades.

But nope…she wasn’t interested at all.

And that’s when I understood — a fundamental difference between natural and western medicine

Everything about why I practice natural medicine and was never interested in a western approach for chronic illness became suddenly clear to me:

Natural medicine is FASCINATED by health and the body’s own ability to be well;
Western medicine is FASCINATED by disease.

The focus of natural medicine is on everything the body already knows how to do right, about what it was designed to do, and to do well.

It’s about learning to nurture that body wisdom.

The focus of western medicine is on disease, testing for it and managing it, and coming up with expensive drugs and procedures to treat it. If all tests show up normal and no disease process is measurable, or if you’re healing your disease without drugs; western medicine has nothing to offer.

Are YOU fascinated by disease, or by your body’s ability to heal?

I’ll leave you with a question: When you have a symptom, when you’re feeling off and out of balance, which approach do you take?

Do you focus on the potential disease and look for ways to manage or mask it?

Or do you focus on your innate body’s wisdom and how it was designed to thrive; and look for what might be impeding that functioning so you can remove it, and seek ways to nurture good functioning?

Lastly, I’ll give the good news that so far it seems that what we’re doing is working! Apart from the lifestyle changes of diet and working harder to manage his stress, my SO is living as if he doesn’t have the disease!