Fertility: Are Your Fallopian Tube Secretions Mucking Up Your Fertility?

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Fertility: Are Your Fallopian Tube Secretions Mucking Up Your Fertility?

I’ll never forget when I first started studying infertility. Learning the incredible intelligence of the body where everything works together in perfectly coordinating unison, like an orchestra, just confirmed not only everything I believe about the body’s wisdom, but all the reasons I love doing what I do.

The entire reproductive cycle, down to which hormones do what, which then triggers the next process, is simply amazing.

But for whatever reason, learning about the simplest of these functions – that of fallopian tube secretions – really stuck with me.

Our fallopian tubes have secretions?


And in fact, it’s really important that they’re the correct viscosity, at the right time of your menstrual cycle, and that the viscosity changes at the correct time as the cycle continues.

When the egg first gets released from the ovary, the fallopian tube secretions are quite thick. Or, at least should be.

These thick fluids keep any potentially fertilized egg from traveling too quickly far down the tubes and reaching the uterus early, before the embryo has matured enough that it’s ready for implantation.

After ovulation, the corpus luteum, which is a hormone secreting gland that’s the remaining remnants of the follicle after the egg is released, starts producing progesterone. As the progesterone levels increase, this causes the tubal secretions to thin.

As the secretions thin out, the developing embryo that’s now matured just a bit more in the tube, can start making its way down to the uterus to be implanted.

What happens if this doesn’t occur as planned?

If the secretions aren’t the correct viscosity, then the timing is all off. The immature embryo can either travel too fast down the tubes, reaching the uterus too early for implantation, or it can be held up for too long by mucky thick secretions, also losing its chance at implantation.

Acupuncture and herbs for fallopian tube secretions

With each new fertility patient, at the first visit I ask about their “secretions” in general:

Do you have?:

  • Mucousy menstrual blood
  • lots of sinus congestion
  • fluid or fatty filled accumulation like cysts or lipomas
  • cloudy urine
  • oily sweat
  • lots of vaginal discharge

If you have any of these symptoms as well as infertility, then it’s very likely that your body isn’t doing a good job at processing your fluids, so they end up clogging and mucking things up, as evidenced by the other symptoms in other areas of your body.

Current infertility patient who just gave birth

A current fertility patient who just gave birth to her first child this month is a perfect example to illustrate this kind of condition.

When she first came in, she had chronic vaginal yeast infections. She suffered from regular sinus infections with constant thick sinus congestion. Her menstrual blood was thick and stretchy, like melted cheese; and over her life had had cervical cysts come and go.

She was a classic case of what we would call “phlegm stagnation”.

She ate a lot of processed sugary and greasy foods, although had already cleaned that up before becoming my patient, because of the 16 prior frustrating months of trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant.  Her sinus infections had improved with her improved diet, her congestion decreasing as well. But she continued to have chronic yeast infections and her period blood remained stringy.

We started treatment, and while her yeast infections immediately lessened in severity and frequency, after 3 months on herbs and regular acupuncture treatments, they finally went away for good. Also , her menstrual blood flowed as liquid.

One month later she got pregnant, and had an easy pregnancy.

What are your overall body secretions like?

If you have any of those symptoms listed above, it could be that helping your body to create the correct fluids/secretions, in the correct place, and in the right time; will really help your attempts at getting pregnant.

Avoiding sugar and starchy foods, as well as getting enough exercise which helps dislodge mucousy conditions, is something you can do now to help start the process.

And if you’d like to schedule an acupuncture appointment to address this or other potential problems contributing to infertility, you can do that now using the button below.

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