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Give a Woman a Fish, She'll Eat for a Day. Teach her "How to Fish" and She'll Maintain Great Health Forever

Teach, don’t just heal with acupuncture and send women on their way

One of the guiding principles in my acupuncture practice is teaching women how to care for their own health, so that they don’t have to rely on me or anyone else to maintain basic wellness.

Of course I expect women to need my help and support at the beginning, usually with a combination of Acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and maybe nutritional and/or emotional guidance.

But like a mother who raises her children with love and guidance so that they can one day leave the nest and fly on their own; my goal is to give women tools, while we’re actively treating them with Chinese medicine, so that they can gradually be released from care understanding how to care for themselves outside the treatment room.

Give women individualized tools to help them maintain their own health

One of the things that’s unique about Chinese medicine is that each patient is seen as an individual. Unlike western medicine, there is no standard treatment for anything. For example, there is no “migraine treatment” or “depression treatment”, or “menopause treatment”. Each woman with her symptoms comes in with her unique life history and situation that guides the diagnosis and recommendations for self-care.

Depending on each person’s unique story, as I get to know a patient I often give “homework” that will help her particular situation. Examples of these “assignments” are:

  • Riding her bike SLOWLY along the Poudre River trail, not trying to beat her PR, stopping now and again to sit by the river and just pay attention to things like the sound of the trickling water as it laps along the shore, her breath as she sits and relaxes, and/or whatever else she notices as she sits quietly not trying to accomplish anything.
  • Working on having boundaries with her boss and/or family
  • Allowing her spouse and kids to do nice things for her rather than resisting their support as she heals from illness
  • Backing off on intense cortisol-stimulating exercises, instead opting for more gentle exercises like long walks, even if it feels like it’s not doing anything.

While any of these might sound as easy as getting out of bed in the morning for you, simple tasks like these can be radically transformative for someone else.  And what one person needs to, for example, move their stagnant qi to make their migraines go away; will be completely different for another migraine patient who needs to nourish and build her body up rather than move her qi.

If you understand the problem, you can understand how to help it

Once women understand their own unique situation that contributed to where they’re at now, as well as their own unique constitutional strengths and weaknesses, they can understand what they can do or avoid to maintain the improvement in health that they got through our treatment.

Then women only need to come in occasionally for “maintenance” treatments to support all the great stuff they’re already doing on their own.

So, give a woman a fish and she’ll eat for the day, but teach her about her body and mind so she has tools to better care for herself, and now she’s equipped with the skills and awareness she needs to prevent illness on her own!

If you’d like to come in and learn about your own imbalances and how to stay healthy, you can use the scheduling button below.

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