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Acupuncture Continues to go Mainstream: We're not Quacks Anymore!

Since I first decided to study acupuncture in 1993, my chosen field has grown exponentially.

When people would ask what field my studies were headed towards and I’d say “holistic medicine”, I’d get a cocked head indicating complete confusion. Almost 100% of people did not know what that meant. Now, 25 years later, acupuncture and holistic medicine are common household words.

John Hopkins Medical Center, if not also a household name, is likely at least recognized by most people as a very prestigious and mainstream medical center. And like many other prestigious medical institutions, they are heading towards medical integration, meaning that they are recognizing “alternative” modalities as being helpful to include as a holistic package in patient care, along with western medicine. Treatments like acupuncture and massage are no longer fringe modalities practiced by quacks, but are mainstream and legitimate medicine.

This article from John Hopkins’ Integrative Medicine & Digestive Center, where they recognize acupuncture as an effective treatment for many common health issues, shows just how far we’ve come.