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Candida: Why this Diagnosis is not Helpful For Successful Acupuncture Treatment

In Chinese medicine, each patient as seen as an individual. Whether they come in for migraines, IBS, vaginal discharge, or endometriosis; we can never make assumptions about what imbalance is causing their symptoms or disease.

To relate this to candida, for the sake of this post let’s say that all I treated all day long, every day, were patients with the diagnosis of candida. Every single one of them would still get a completely different diagnosis, depending on symptoms and signs from their entire body.

And their diagnosis would have nothing to do with Candida.

Let’s take two recent patients who came in with a candida diagnosis, seeking a treatment to clear out the candida.

Patient #1:

  • Overweight
  • Thick mucous secretions including chronic sinus congestion and chronic white vaginal discharge
  • Felt extremely cold all the time
  • Low energy
  • Bad menstrual cramps

Patient #2:

  • Normal if not underweight
  • IBS-like symptoms of alternating constipation and diarrhea
  • High strung, hard time settling down
  • Insomnia
  • Felt hot all the time
  • Irregular periods that came at no regular interval
  • Itchy vagina with no discharge

Both of them were told that all their symptoms were likely due to the candida, and so they had both done naturopathic treatments to “clear out the candida”.

But after finishing the course of treatment all but the thick cottage cheese secretions in the first patient, were still there.

Each one of them continued to try to get me to give them “candida” treatments.

But there IS no candida treatment in Chinese medicine. In fact in Chinese medicine there is no cookie-cutter treatment for anything.

The only treatment that will be effective is one that addresses each patient as an individual, and completely sets aside the western diagnosis in order to get to that perfect treatment.

Successful treatment for each patient:

Patient #1:

This patient received what would be considered a common treatment for the underlying imbalance that creates an environment where molds and yeasts can grow in our body: phlegm/damp.

So we didn’t need to go in with herbs that “kill” the candida.

Instead we used herbs that helped the body process its fluids and secretions, clearing out the musty internal body ecosystem so that candida can’t thrive in it. This cleared up all her symptoms to the point that she stopped thinking about Candida.

An analogy is one of our upstairs bathrooms that desperately needs a remodel. It has no good ventilation, and yet hot steamy showers are run in it. The shower is separate from the rest of the bathroom, behind a closed door, which makes air circulation even more poor.

We probably all know that when there’s too much dampness in a closed system, then mold grows. Same thing in the body. If the body doesn’t process fluids well, so there’s too many sludgy congested fluids, then you can treat for candida til the cows come home, and the candida is just going to keep growing. Just like in our bathroom, we can spray and spray with Thieves Essential Oil (an antibacterial/antifungal/antiviral essential oil). This temporarily knocks the mold out, but it just quickly comes back.

The same would be true if I just used “candida killing” herbs but didn’t work to help her body not produce so much congested internal dampness.

Patient #2:

This person had a completely different problem. She was so stressed out and high strung, that it was like her entire body was locked up. This stress was like a jack-hammer on her digestion, causing her digestive symptoms. All this bottled tension created trapped heat, just like a pressure cooker. When heat gets trapped in the body, it can create itchy skin.

Just like the first patient, giving a treatment to “kill” the candida would have been useless.

We had to calm her stress, heal her digestion, and cool her heat. Just like the first patient again, these strategies resulted in successful treatment, so that she too dropped the topic of candida all together.

Are you ready for a new approach to your candida?

If you’ve tried other treatments yet still worry about candida, then Chinese medicine might be able to help.

At your first visit we’ll discuss all your symptoms and find out what the underlying cause is that’s allowed candida to grow excessively. Whether it’s candida or not, by addressing the root cause UNDER the candida overgrowth, I find this approach to be much more effective. It’s also much more gentle on the body than trying to constantly kill stuff.

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