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Lyme Disease: Is it really as scary as we think? Not from where I'm Standing!

Is Lyme as scary as we think?

The short answer is: if we’re looking at it through the conventional method of constantly thinking we need to KILL the pathogen, then yes.

I can’t tell you how many times over the years I’ve seen women come in for acupuncture with a Lyme diagnosis, having already been through several rounds of antibiotics and yet they still feel that they’ve never gotten their lives back.

On top of that, now there’s co-infection after co-infection and I see these poor people getting completely obsessed with all the various “critters” that have taken over their body.

I can imagine how terrifying that must be!

They’re given more and more killing agents for all the various infections. And since in general most “killing” treatments are very depleting to the body, now on top of the original infection, patients become more and more taxed with each round of treatment.

It’s like constantly feeling that there’s bad guys trying to get into your house, and needing to continue building taller and taller cement walls to keep them out, and to stock up on an arsenal of guns to protect yourself from invasion. How exhausting! How draining and completely consuming of your life force energy!

There’s another way: Acupuncture and Herbs

I find a much better approach from Chinese medicine.

To simplify the explanation of this treatment, I’ll use my latest Lyme Patient as an example: As a spoiler alert, I’ll say that after only 1.5 months of Chinese medicine treatment including acupuncture and herbs, her symptoms were completely gone.

But read on for more details to see the difference between the western vs Chinese medicine approach.

This case was a little unique, in that we were able to start treatment within the first 4 months of her infection.

She knew exactly when she’d been infected, as she’d just moved from New England where she’d been bitten by a tick. Within 3 days of the bite she had many of the classic Lyme symptoms: extreme and debilitating fatigue, very sore joints, and brain fog.

She was given a round of antibiotics to take for three weeks. At first, she felt a little better, the flu-like symptoms noticeably subsiding after about a week. But then she stagnated.

When she still felt horrible, she went back to the doctor and was given another round of antibiotics. After the third round with temporary and mild relief of symptoms that would just worsen again, she came to me.

How I treated her Lyme with Acupuncture and herbs

We started at two treatments/week to help with the acute body-aches. At the beginning the acupuncture would make her body pain go completely away, but then it would gradually return before her next treatment. Her energy would also noticeably but temporarily improve. With each treatment however the effects of treatment lasted longer and longer. By week 3 we were doing 1 treatment/week as her improvements stabilized.

We started her on herbs at week 3. One week after being on the herbs, she noticed a dramatic shift in her energy, to the point that she said she was feeling like herself again for large chunks of the day. By 3 weeks into the herbs, she hadn’t had any Lyme symptoms for a week.

We kept her on herbs for another couple months to consolidate the treatment, but she felt completely normal that entire time. 

So to summarize, after being debilitated for 4 months with barely any improvement in symptoms; she felt noticeably better after only a couple acupuncture treatments, with stabilized improvement at week 3. Once we got the herbs into the mix it only took 1 week to start feeling “normal” again, and finally 3 weeks into the herbs she felt no signs of the illness.  

Not all Lyme treatment is this quick

Most patients come to me years into the illness. Which usually means treatment will last much longer, especially if they’ve done round after round of some form of depleting regimen to kill off this or that infection.

On top of the Lyme and co-infections we’ve now usually got digestive and emotional issues to contend with, as well as treating all the systems of the body that have been affected by both the infections as well as the treatments.

But I wanted to share this quick easy case because it illustrates the point I’m making with this post: We don’t always need to fear this infection, as it can often be quickly and easily resolved.

How did we resolve it?

We resolved it by helping the body process and contend with the infection, in the way it’s supposed to be able to when confronted with any pathogen.

Certain imbalances create a situation where pathogens can get locked in the body and the immune system can’t cope with the infection. So we can kill, kill, kill with medications and/or supplements,  and while they might temporarily decrease the pathogens, they’re not solving the reason why the infection became chronic in the first place.

THAT is what we’re addressing with this alternate approach.

It’s honoring the body’s innate wisdom by helping it deal with the infections itself. It’s like telling the body “I trust that you know how to move through this, and I’m just tapping into that ability with our treatments”.

This is typically such a relief to long-time sufferers, who often feel betrayed and untrusting of their bodies. A paradigm shift that often brings patients to tears. They FINALLY  feel that they can stop fighting against something.

And because we work holistically, other symptoms such as emotions and digestion are being addressed at the same time as the Lyme. So patients come out feeling not only finally recovered from the infection, but also restored after the depleting regimens they’ve been on.

Does the conventional route ever work?

Keep in mind that the population of Lyme patients I see is likely skewed. Meaning, those who go the conventional route (whether allopathic or naturopathic) of rounds of drugs or supplements to kill the infection – AND get better – aren’t the ones that end up in my office.

So the people I see are the ones who go the conventional route and still feel horrible.

I expect success, because I see it so often

This is just one patient example, but she represents almost 100% of my Lyme patients. It might take longer than this case to resolve, but either way patients report noticeably changes and improvements that break them out of the plateaus in their healing that they’d been stuck in for so long.

If you’re suffering from Lyme, I’d love the opportunity to help you get your life back from this illness. I truly believe that you can be like the rest of my patients who respond so well to this approach.

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