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Successfully Treat Epstein-barr without ever Treating Epstein-barr

Every so often a new patient will arrive at my clinic with a fresh diagnosis of Epstein-barr.

In their head it explains all the symptoms they’ve been suffering from: namely including chronic fatigue and constant flu-like symptoms. They’ve usually been to many doctors, and finally someone tests for this virus and viola! They have the explanation to their symptoms!

But I take a different perspective.

My view is that their Epstein-Barr levels are inflated BECAUSE of their symptoms, not the other way around.

In other words, various sources agree that probably 90% of us are carrying around the Epstein-barr virus. If you ever had mono as a kid, you’ve got it.

So if we all carry this virus, how do we know that the lab result has anything to do with the cause of their symptoms? And how do we know that if someone else who has no symptoms at all were to be tested, that they wouldn’t turn up high positive for the virus as well?

And what if when their body is in good health, their numbers naturally go down?

The point is, I believe they’re not sick because their numbers are high, but that their numbers are high BECAUSE they’re sick…. So it makes the diagnosis and lab result irrelevant.

Let me explain some more.

Our bodies were designed to function in a world where we have millions of bacteria, viruses, and all kinds of other critters coming into contact with our organs and immune system every day. In a normal fine-tuned system, the mechanisms in place to keep those critters in check take care of it behind the scenes, completely outside our consciousness.

But due to many circumstances, such as overwork, poor diet, general fatigue, too much stress, etc., those systems stop working well. That allows these viral numbers that should be kept in check, to run amok.

How do we get Epstein-barr levels back down?

If we try to administer treatments such as anti-virals, we might get the numbers down, but unless we improve the overall body’s wellness, they’ll just take over again.

An alternate strategy is to repair the underlying imbalances that allowed the virus to take over in the first place, using acupuncture and herbs.

That involves addressing the body as a whole, improving the function of all the organs and systems of the body.

Ignore the Epstein-barr

We do that by completely ignoring the Epstein-barr, and just looking at each patient as a unique case, and resolving their symptoms that are a manifestation of their imbalances.

How do we know the acupuncture and herbs worked?

It’s rare that patients go back to test for Epstein-barr once they’re feeling better.

They have their lives back, they’re tired of doctor’s appointments, and they just want to get on with things. So it’s rare for me to get to see before and after lab results to verify the effectiveness of the treatment.

But in the rare cases that I HAVE been able to see before and after lab results, sure enough they confirm that the Epstein-barr levels have gone way down.

The summary is, when patients come in with a dramatic lab result showing that they’ve got very high levels of the virus, I find the diagnosis completely unintimidating. It’ never seemed to have any clinical relevance whatsoever, and has never affected successful outcome of treatment.

We just work to resolve the underlying cause for each patient’s symptoms, just as with every other condition.

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