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Food Revolution Day & Old Town Farmer's Market Opening: THIS WEEK!

Nothing signals the nearing of summer like the opening of our local farmer’s markets!  Tomorrow (Saturday), our very own Old Town Fort Collins market at 200 W. Oak Street opens at 8 am and goes til noon. While I may be an acupuncturist, I’m also a complete foodie, so I can’t wait for the opening of our local Old Town farmer’s market!

The reason I like the Old Town FM over the Lemay and Drake ones, is that they only allow local growers/producers, and they have the most farms with organic produce. The other two (at least the Drake one) allow resellers, and have little to no organic farm booths. Having resellers at farmer’s markets defeats the entire purpose, because the produce could be shipped in from anywhere in the world.

Our late snow means that everything in the fields is somewhat delayed, but I bet I can promise that you’ll find a lot of one big item…GREENS!  What could be better for your liver at this time of year?  Nothing really, so I hope you head on over to get the freshest and therefore healthiest produce available for you and your family.

Food Revolution Day

Food Revolution Day is today, Friday the 17th, but since our farmer’s market will not have opened yet, I personally am going to wait one more week and celebrate it next week, so that we locals here in FC can experience a true Food Revolution, of which shopping at farmer’s markets, and not grocery stores, is a part. As I mentioned in a previous email, I would love for as many people as possible to join in this celebration, by joining together with friends, family, and/or community sometime this week, cooking up your idea of a great, homemade, healthy meal; and then posting pictures at either the Food Revolution Website, my Facebook Page, or both.  So, get your creative Foodie-hats on and start thinking about what YOU’D like to do for your own little Food Revolution.  I personally can’t wait to hop on my bike tomorrow morning and make my way over to Old Town farmer’s market to welcome our very own local farmers back and enjoy a little of our great community.

*More info to follow VERY SOON, so get ready for Food Revolution Week!*


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