It's a Kale Conspiracy!!! An Acupuncturist gets Inundated with Kale...

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It's a Kale Conspiracy!!! An Acupuncturist gets Inundated with Kale...

I swear the universe is conspiring to get more kale on this acupuncturist’s plate.

One of the things I love most about doing acupuncture is that each time I talk to my patients or blog to readers about some facet of health, I am reinforcing it in my own life. 

As you know, I’ve been writing about kale a lot lately.

There’s a quote you may have read before, “If you want to learn something, read. If you want to understand something, write. If you want to master something, teach.”

Whenever things get super busy, I stop sending educational emails out and posting them as blogs.  I’m then less focused on food and living in balance, because I’m not talking about it, writing about it, or thinking about it as much. 

Sure, as an acupuncturist I work with these concepts every day with my patients, but in order to sit down and share a blog or email, I really have to chew on things and give them some thought.

Focus and it will appear

And along with the mastery that comes as habits integrate themselves into our lives when we teach them, there is the phenomenon that we can probably all relate to: as soon as you start focusing on something, it seems it is suddenly everywhere around you.

And for sure…my life seems to be inundated with kale lately. :-)

As an example, recently I came across a cookbook I had never seen before, and lo and behold, it was a cookbook completely about…you guessed it, Kale! Being a cookbook freak, I was surprised to have never come across this one before.

Guess how many seconds it took me to decide I needed to order it.  And guess whether I’m going to be sharing new recipe ideas with you as I try them out. :-)

The day my book arrived I went to a potluck at a friend’s house. 

Now you have to understand, kale is about the last thing I expect to be served when I go to friend’s houses. Most of my friends are not foodies, and certainly, this one is not.

But I arrived this night to a kitchen teaming with well-dressed people scurrying around the kitchen and tending to a stove with every burner full of some form of fresh vegetable dish. In no time some kind of veggie-meat concoction was being ladled into perfectly beautiful baked butternut squash halves, to be thrown into the oven for their final roasting. 

It looked like I’d walked right onto a cooking show! 

This unusual experience was occurring only because my friend had some out of town guests over, and I knew instantly that like me, they were foodies. I was absolutely delighted and documented the unfolding food extravaganza with clicks of my iphone camera.

But the real kicker was when I sat down to eat.  Suddenly a huge ceramic bowl was placed in the middle of the table, and someone plopped an enormous pile of kale salad onto my plate.

All I could do was look down and chuckle, because to be sure, this was the first time ever, that I had gone to a friends house in Colorado, and been served kale. 

And this wasn’t just a little kale, this was like the heavens opening up to me and yelling “you WILL eat kale, there is no escape!” 

I felt like I was right in the middle of a Kale Conspiracy!

The best part was when the chef saw the stunned look on my face as I stared down into this unexpected mountain range of kale, and asked “uh oh…do you not like kale?”.  As we ate, he then proceeded to talk about what a powerful superfood it is, how it gets the highest score on the ANDI scale, and on and on. 

Sounds familiar?  I was tickled pink.  (or, should I say green…). :-)

In pondering this evening later, I thought about something.  I remembered how before moving to Colorado, it was so easy to keep good eating habits because for 15 years, every single person I knew also shopped at the health food store, ate organic, and cooked from scratch. Over the years I’d pick up on recipes here and there from housemates, and slowly but surely, my tastes were changing and mastery at concocting fresh whole meals developed. 

A lot of this happened simply through the process of osmosis, absorbing the habits of my community and having them reinforced in my own life. I thought about how much more likely we are to eat healthy when we’re doing it with others rather than trying to tackle it on our own, ending up eating solo a lot if we don’t want to make unhealthy food choices–and after all, that gets lonely  and unrealistic really fast. 

And I realized that without knowing it, even I was rubbing off on my current non-foodie friends; that same friend who hosted the party had told me she was putting in a garden this year.

Do you have an Eating Community?

What is your “eating community” like?  Would it help you to make better food choices if you were doing it with others?  If you feel this could benefit you, why not start a regular potluck night, maybe just once per month, where you all commit to bringing one meal, that you’ve made all from scratch.

Learn and teach together. Talk about how you feel after you eat it.  Do you feel the absolute buzz going through your body that I feel after a really healthy home-cooked meal full of veggies? Maybe even start your own Kale Conspiracy!!!

May 17 is Food Revolution Day.  Jamie Oliver is encouraging family and friends to get together that day and do something that fosters a return to sustainable, healthy, real food, eaten together in conviviality among friends and family.  He wants everyone to document it with a few photos and then post it on his website.  People from all over the world are going to be joining in. 

In this way, we can take our micro-communities of friends and families as we try to create a supportive atmosphere of eating healthier, and join the macro-community, making our efforts to improve via osmosis even greater.  I’ve told my friends about it, and we’re going to have a potluck, all making a dish and coordinating them to come together for one fabulous meal.

I decided also that I’d love to see what all of you make and have my own little Food Revolution event where you all post pics on my new Wisdom Ways Acupuncture Facebook page that I’m just getting up and running, so we could see what everyone else is doing and join in on the fun!

What will you do with your friends and family?  Spread the word!  (Just remember…lets see lots of kale in those pics!) :-)