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"Nightmare bacteria"; on rise in U.S. Is Prevention via Acupuncture & Nutrition a Better Approach to Health Care?

What perfect timing.  I had barely clicked “publish” on my last blog entry about nourishing up the immune system to ward off common infections, when I saw an article on Yahoo news on the topic of bacteria that are “shrugging off” antibiotics.

Acupuncture theory states that prevention, through keeping the body balanced, is the best way to take care of ourselves, and true “health care” – rather than the “sick care” that many have come to call western medicine – is a better approach to wellness than waiting til you’re sick to take a harmful medicine.

The problem with antibiotics

We have WAY overused antibiotics since their introduction into western medicine.  Anti-biotic, by definition, means “against bacteria”, meaning that they will only have effect against bacterial infections.  The vast majority of common colds are viral caused, meaning that the millions of antibiotic prescriptions given out every year have absolutely no affect whatsoever against the infection. 

However, what they DO cause is all sorts of other problems. 

We are creating super resistant bacterium, which soon could render our antibiotics obsolete.  By overusing antibiotics, we are killing off bacteria that are sensitive to the drugs, leaving behind only the mutants that are not sensitive, which then reproduce and are introduced into the general population. 

The cattle industry, by feeding corn to their cows (which were never meant to eat grains), purposely makes their animals sick, so they give antibiotics prophylactically to help deal with all the illnesses that corn is causing the cows. This is also a huge contributor to the mutant bacteria problem.

A better strategy for coping with bacterium

The best remedy is to set ourselves up to not need medicines at all, by keeping our immune systems as strong as possible so that our body can do its magic job of killing the little buggers as soon as they enter our system, so they can’t reproduce inside us and cause illness. 

This takes discipline, and doing pretty much everything opposite from what the typical American lifestyle and Standard American Diet promotes.  Please read my recent blogs on the immune system so that you can see how an acupuncturist addresses this issue of preventing illness, from a more preventative approach.

Along with nutrition, acupuncture and Chinese herbs have been proven to increase immunity. 

If it’s been a while since you’ve come in for treatment or you’ve never had a chance to try acupuncture, why not make an appointment now by clicking the button just below. We all need to do everything we can to set ourselves up to resist these stronger and resistant bacterial strains that will surely more and more become a problem in our societies and around the world.

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