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More Americans Using Acupuncture for Common Ailments

A new survey is indicating that more and more Americans are using acupuncture not only as a complementary or alternative treatment, but as a primary form of medicine focusing on the promotion of general health…what acupuncturists would call “balance”.

As this news article points out, what is remarkable is that in the past decade, there has been a 600% increase in the amount of people using acupuncture, up from only 1% of the population in the past 2 decades.

Indeed, in many states, including Colorado, acupuncture is considered a primary medicine, and acupuncturists, primary care providers.  In many cases, what this means practically is that patients don’t need a referral to see an acupuncturist.  But more importantly, I think the poignant message is that by giving us the label of primary care providers, patients can start to understand that we can be a first choice option for helping them with their chronic health issues and general health-care.  We can be their first line defense when nagging symptoms start arising, and many times they can avoid the tedious process of seeing their medical doctor, ordering tests, etc. since often, in the process of the body getting rebalanced through acupuncture, their symptoms are alleviated and they no longer need the tests.  Not only that, but we will never send them home with a pharmaceutical medication that will most often give them side-effects that can be worse than the original issue for which they were prescribed.  Everything that we prescribe people will not only be for the purpose of eliminating symptoms, but also for building up health and preventing future recurrence of the issue.

Millions of people flocking to Chinese Medicine can’t be wrong!

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