Sleep Study: Acupuncture Therapy for Sleep Quality of Obese Hospital Workers

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Sleep Study: Acupuncture Therapy for Sleep Quality of Obese Hospital Workers

Many people who work in hospitals work strange hours, long into the night and disrupting their Circadean sleep-wake rhythms.  Obesity is also a contributor to insomnia.  Obese hospital workers, therefore, were the perfect candidates for this study on the affects of acupuncture and sleep disorders.

Acupuncture Sleep Study

The study participants received two acupuncture treatment per week, for eight weeks, and the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI) was used to measure their quality of sleep both before and after the eight week series.

The results showed a decrease from 37% to 5%, of participants who qualified for sleep “disorder” status. The researchers concluded that acupuncture does indeed have potential to improve sleep, and therefore quality of life, in this target population.

Treating Sleep in the Acupuncture Clinic

Insomnia is a very common complaint among the people who come to me for acupuncture.  Sometimes people come with this as their main issue, but often it is accompanied with other symptoms such as digestive issues, migraines, anxiety; and for menopausal women, hot flashes and night sweats.  Because we treat the body as a whole, after a thorough consultation which addresses all such symptoms, we figure out what the underlying cause is of the insomnia for each individual, and treat the condition from the root up, working to resolve all symptoms at the same time.

Each person with insomnia is not the same.  In fact, rarely would 2 people with insomnia have the exact same clinical Chinese medical diagnosis.  By seeing each patient individually, we are able to address not just the insomnia, but all the other symptoms at the same time, developing a individualized treatment approach with has proven effective for thousands of years.

Are you suffering from insomnia?  Perhaps it’s time to look towards a more holistic approach and prevent the need for, or dependence on, sleep aids.

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