Fibromyalgia, Stress, and your Liver: What Acupuncture has to Say about all Three

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Fibromyalgia, Stress, and your Liver: What Acupuncture has to Say about all Three

Last week, I wrote about the connection between random pains that we get throughout our body, and the potential connection with our liver.

This week, I will focus on fibromyalgia, which unfortunately is becoming more and more common. Fortunately though, acupuncture and Chinese medicine in general excel at treating this condition. While there is not much that western medicine can do for fibromyalgia, using acupuncture, I see complete turnarounds in the condition time and again.

Acupuncturists say pain relates to the liver?

But lets continue with the theme of last week and talk about what all of this has to do with the liver.

If you’ve been my patient or have been receiving my emails or reading my blog for any length of time, then you’re familiar by now with the liver’s role in creating and regulating stress. This is a unique function of the liver only recognized by Chinese medicine, and when we treat it successfully and manage to balance the liver, dramatic shifts begin to occur in emotional symptoms.

When we get stressed, our liver gets overwhelmed and can’t do its job of moving qi.

As I said last week, stagnant qi is our definition of pain. When this goes on long enough, things get so stagnant and the function of qi movement is so impaired that certain areas of the body begin to have chronic pain, absent from any “measurable” problem (such as would show up on an Xray or MRI).

This is when patients are commonly diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia and the emotions

I don’t think I’ve ever treated a patient with fibromyalgia that did not have a concurrent emotional aspect to the issue. Typically, these are people who are also on anti-depressants or anti-anxieties, and often are people who have dealt with some kind of emotional trauma in their lives.

If we only work with the pain on a physical level, we will always be chasing symptoms, never getting to the root of the issue. Chinese medicine’s ability to look deeper, to the root of the imbalance, is the key to resolving this from the inside out.

By doing a “pulse and tongue” analysis, we are able to detect if indeed the liver is out of balance, and what other organs have been affected, and start to treat the fibromyalgia from its source. The greatest thing is, when we treat the body holistically like this, not only do the physical symptoms start to resolve, but patients end up feeling emotional relief as well.

What’s the best treatment for Fibromyalgia?

When I hear of people suffering from fibromyalgia, I always feel sad when the only option they know is western medicine…because I have never heard of anyone feeling much better with anything modern medicine has to offer for this condition.

However, in my experience, I see patients getting their lives back, resuming old activities, even returning to work after years of being on disability.

Is there an emotional connection for YOU?

Acupuncture is usually only one step of the healing process: if you know you have fibromyalgia or think you might, assess your emotions and see how they’re doing.

If you’re constantly stressed or anxious, employing relaxation techniques to relax and balance your liver could be the best at-home remedy you could apply.

Eating foods that will balance your liver, and getting exercise to move your qi, will also help your keep your qi moving.

Do you know someone with fibromyalgia who could stand a holistic approach to their healing? If you think this article could help them, please share!

And if you’re struggling from fibromyalgia yourself, as well as emotional issues; and think your liver could be imbalanced, you can schedule an appointment to start your journey to healing it all at once.

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