An Acupuncturist's Tip for Eating Raw Food without Eating Raw Food

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An Acupuncturist's Tip for Eating Raw Food without Eating Raw Food

It’s been unseasonably HOT!

During warm weather like this, some days you just want to bite into a nice, cool, crisp salad.

For many people though, because of what Acupuncture theories say about energetic nutrition, I advise that they shouldn’t be eating raw foods.

What to do then, when nourishing soups, stews, and casseroles are the last thing on your mind?

Enter a simple trick I discovered a couple years ago during the height of hot summer days.

Really, it was out of convenience and busyness that it came together.

As an acupuncturist who knows my own Chinese medicine diagnosis, I tend to be a colder and depleted person, so I always need to eat foods to boost my qi, and nourish and warm my yang.

Therefore, salads filled high with raw vegetables are not medicinal for me. But it was a hot day, I wanted something cooling, and I didn’t want to spend a lot of time in a hot kitchen. I opened my fridge, and there were some random leftovers: grilled zucchini and  eggplant, and roasted beet and winter squash squares.

I only had a few minutes to put something together, so I put an inch of water on to boil and chopped up some kale. While that was steaming, I grabbed some spring mix, threw it on a plate, and just started piling it high with those pre-cooked, but refrigerated, leftover items. In a couple minutes the kale was steamed and I threw it on the spring mix, and topped the whole thing with the grilled zucchini and eggplant, the roasted beets and winter squash.

It was beautiful, with all the lovely caramelized colors from the grilling and roasting!

Before diving in I mixed the whole thing together with a little olive oil and vinegar, allowing the heat from the kale to take the cold edge off the refrigerated leftovers.  I then gobbled the whole thing down while the spring mix still had its satisfying snap.

It was the perfect meal for a hot day, and felt like I was getting a raw salad– and all the refreshing qualities that go along with that–without eating anything raw except a little spring mix.

So, the next time you know you’re going to want something that will feel fresh and snappy, but you also know you shouldn’t be eating cold and raw foods, why not pre-make a variety of roasted, grilled, and stewed food, that will make the perfect cooked topping for a cool salad over the next couple days. Just put it all in the fridge, and it’s ready to be thrown together for a quick warm weather meal.

This is perfect for all you hot menopausal women out there who love your cold food but who are depleted and shouldn’t be doing raw. Or for any of you who know that raw foods are not in your arsenal of medicinal foods.

No matter how cold some of us are, there are those days when a hot soup or stew just does not sound appealing. So now you’ve got the perfect trick for eating a huge “raw” salad without ever actually eating a huge “raw” salad!


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