Take a Hot Ginger Bath During the First Stages of a Common Cold

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Take a Hot Ginger Bath During the First Stages of a Common Cold

As we’ve hit cold season full-force, the past couple weeks I’ve been focusing on what we can do to keep our immune systems strong, as well as herbs we can take if we’ve come down with a cold.

Today I’d like to share another tip, which can be used right when you first feel the cold symptoms coming on.


Many of the herbs we give to knock out a cold, are diaphoretics. Or in other words, herbs that make you sweat. 

Chinese Medicine believes that this sweating action removes the pathogen from those outer layers of the body that have been invaded.  For this same reason, acupuncturists often prescribe sweating through baths when a person is not sweating on their own during a cold.

Are you already sweating?

If you get a cold, pay attention to if you’re already sweating. 

If not, then as soon as possible, draw a very hot bath, throw in a fist sized piece of ginger which has been cut into chunks (or alternatively a cup of epsom salts if you don’t have ginger), and sit in the bath for 15 minutes.  After you get out, without drying off, wrap yourself in your towel and a bath robe, and go and lay under covers for another 5-10 minutes to continue the sweating.  Take a hot shower to rinse off the sweat and dry off.

This treatment is useful for the “wind-cold” type of common cold, as the cold contracts the pores and inhibits sweating, locking in the pathogen and creating body aches and often stiff necks and/or occipital headaches. 

This is NOT a treatment to be used of the body is feverish and there is already sweating!

Typically, a person who needs this therapy will have chills rather than fever and the hot bath will feel very good.

Hopefully, we’re all doing things to keep our immune systems strong so we don’t get a cold in the first place.  But if you do find yourself with those tell-tale signs, then this could be an effective treatment to wipe a cold out before it gets a chance to get deep into the body.

And if it doesn’t work, you can schedule some acupuncture to help get rid of the cold faster as well as to pick up some herbs to knock the cold out!

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