What We Learn from the Leaves, As they Leave...

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What We Learn from the Leaves, As they Leave...

As I write this, I am gearing up for our first big snow of the season…

By the time you read these words, our city will be covered in white.

I know the snow will be magical and beautiful, but I must admit that I already grieve the loss of the dazzling colors that grace the trees lining our streets and open spaces.

I came home from the clinic today and donned layers of fleeces and decided to just head out for a long walk.

I didn’t want to run today, worried I might miss even one colorful bush or tree – I just wanted to take it all in, to soak up every shade of red and auburn and orange and yellow. I wanted to virtually absorb the nature around me, to be a part of it…to participate for one last moment in this dance of the changing of the seasons.

But I noticed I felt sad.

Why, why, when it all just became so beautiful and stunning, does the snow have to come so early, and ruin the celebration of Fall? Why not just one week later, so I could enjoy the fiery vibrancy for a few more days?

I felt into this sadness and the sense of loss as I headed out the door, and contemplated what I’ve been writing about for the past few weeks, related to the season of Metal.

It is indeed a time of letting go…no matter how hard I resist, the storm will come.

Tomorrow, I will likely look outside my window and see sagging branches, their leaves assaulted by the heavy early season snow. And when it melts, the autumnal painting outside my window will be gone — so fleeting it was — not to return til next year only to disappear as fast as it came again.

This is so Metal!

Even the leaves appear as valuable jewels, symbols of the season, the rubies, garnets, ambers, corals, and sapphires; reminding us to pay attention, to appreciate, to not take things for granted.

And so as I strolled down streets I had not wandered before, I simply followed the ones with the most beautiful display of colors. I let the brilliance guide me down unknown pathways, happy to just end up wherever I might.

And as I watched the leaves fall in the breeze, I consoled myself with the knowingness that they would be nourishment for the growth in the spring. While this didn’t ease the sadness at their disappearance, it did help me feel in-tuned with the process, in acceptance of a rhythm of which I am a part.


I wish I had some words of wisdom to offer from all of this. I guess this week is simply about surrender…surrender to the preciousness of each moment in the seasons.

And how appropriate for the season of Metal that I would be left speechless…without some profound explanation for it all.  

I simply stand in awe of the wisdom of nature to change when needed, to not hold on with tightly clutched hands even to what’s beautiful, no matter how precious it is.

Indeed it is seeming right now, that it is the very fragility of these few precious weeks of the fall display which lends it its value, for if it was around forever, it would not be appreciated.

I am glad that I got out for one last glimpse of the jewels of the trees. And I am glad that it has reminded me, as the leaves disappear, to look towards the other things in my life that are just as precious, and to savor the celebration of it all.

How is your Metal Element doing…are you seeing the jewels that are falling everywhere around you?

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