A Powerful Recipe to Nourish and Cleanse your Heart/Fire Element

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A Powerful Recipe to Nourish and Cleanse your Heart/Fire Element

Being that we’re now in summer, the season related to the Heart/Fire element, after an emotionally impactful event this week I’m inspired to focus a post on the connection between our words — or what we communicate — and our Heart/Fire Element.

A Fire Element that is vibrant and strong leads to more joy, better relationships, and an overall happier “shen” (spirit, mind). So I’m going to give a seasonal “recipe” for a balanced Fire element.

The good news is, the ingredients are free, completely healthy, and as local as it gets, being that they stem from inside your own heart.  The ingredients for this recipe are not foods, but words. 

Acupuncture for total physical and emotional wellness

One of my favorite things about Chinese medicine is that it offers us so many tools for keeping not just our physical body, but our entire life balanced.  The 5 Elements theory of Chinese medicine specifically, gives us a unique perspective with which to view the common strengths and challenges of our emotional state, and the example outlined in this post is a perfect illustration of that.

Chinese Medicine says that speech issues forth from the heart.  We can therefore help balance our Fire Element, which is related to the heart, with the Spirit-clarifying practice of the use of Pure Words.

The Fire element is related to communication, and I’ve mentioned in prior articles that communion is vastly important to a vibrant Fire element as well.  It makes sense then that word choice plays a big part, since without healthy communication, there is no healthy communion.

Paul Pitchford, author of “Healing with Whole Foods” says, “The condition of the heart is reflected in the awareness of one’s spoken words.  By improving our awareness of our speech, we strengthen our heart; the scattered mind and its spirit can be collected and organized through mindful speech patterns.”

Can you relate to this story of “communication mishap”? 

Let me give you the gist of what happened recently, as it’s a perfect illustration of what can happen when we forget the importance of kind and pure words:  Someone, in a group of people I know, got rightfully frustrated over something that involved some of the others. In their understandable frustration, they chose to explode insults and anger rather than communicating with the use of clear and respectful words.  As others got involved in an attempt to mollify the situation, things completely unraveled and soon character assessments were made, stories created, assumptions built, gossip flew, long emails sent back and forth…in other words, it was complete “drama”.

Somewhere lost in all of this was the fact that everyone really had the same goals, which included the happiness and satisfaction of everyone, and for us all to be able to hang out in fun and relaxing communion.

If only ONE person wins, does anyone really win?

As we all sat in the fallout of the drama, I was reminded that even if one side walks away “winning” …feeling justified in the proving of their “rightness”or getting their way…did they really win?  Does anyone ever really win when it comes at the expense of a total disconnection from their own heart?

The wisdom of the Fire Element would say no.

While we came to a “solution”, I don’t think anyone left feeling truly satisfied…no one felt like a winner.

Each of us alone can control the words that issue forth from our heart, and as individuals we must choose those that keep our hearts balanced and help sustain wellness. This is what True winning is, as we walk away with the prize of a clear and peaceful heart, and a vibrant and healthy Fire Element.

How many times have we all given in to the lure of gossip, only to find that through the choice of bad-talking, we’ve now created our own jail in which we’re stuck in self-created misery?  Literal headaches and insomnia often ensue.  Are we really hurting others when we talk down or gossip, or is it our own spirit and heart that are weakened???

Feed on a diet of compassionate words for the rest of this Fire season

For the rest of this Fire season, let’s try to nurture our heart by committing as much as possible to a diet of compassionate words towards ourselves and others, free from gossip or belittling.  Let’s be conscious of how we feel when we speak kindly and compassionately of others, versus how we feel when doing the opposite.


Recipe for a Peaceful Heart and a nourished Fire Element:
Kind words
Positive words
Compassionate words
Gentle words
Thankful words

Examples of final “dishes” filled with wonderful word ingredients:


  • “Everyone, including myself, is doing the best they can, so I am compassionate towards all of us”
  • “When I choose compassion, I win, regardless of anyone else’s choices or words.”
  • “The truth always shines in the end, so I let go of the need to defend myself and hold true to my intention of understanding.”
  • “I am filled with goodwill towards others”
  • “I look for the goodness and best intentions in those around me”
  • “I verbally appreciate others before giving them feedback or requests on where they can improve”

Bon Apetit!