That Feeling When the Rain Comes: Let the Raindrops Nourish your Liver.

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That Feeling When the Rain Comes: Let the Raindrops Nourish your Liver.


I don’t know about you, but I just love the rain.

I know some people complain about the rain, and for those with SAD (seasonal affective disorder) too  many days without sunshine can definitely bring them down.

But luckily we’ve had sunshine in abundance lately, so for this week’s Wisdom, I am sending a little message from a Chinese medicine perspective on how this little storm we’re having now can actually help balance our liver.

At the risk of being repetitive (and for those new to my practice) the liver energy, related to the Wood season and Spring, can get pretty high strung.  Because it’s so busy focusing on our Visions, goals, and accomplishments, it can forget to stop, slow down, and take time for nurturing itself.

Those of you who have been part of my practice for a while have heard me say before to spend time near water to balance your Wood.  The Water element nourishes the Wood element, and that is why for those of you who tend to be “on” all the time, in your Wood energy almost all day, every day, it can help soften your energy. Since the Water element is about depth, it can temper the Wood element which can become very shallow in its focus on accomplishing at any expense.  Our Wood needs for us to continuously bring a wider depth into our vision, and the Water element provides this.

In Chinese medicine, dry bamboo is an oft-used example of what can happen to our Wood energy if it is not nurtured with Water.  Bamboo that has a constant source of water remains flexible and able to bend with the “wind”s of life, but dry bamboo is rigid and snaps at the first wind that comes along.  So too “Woody” people can be very inflexible and unable to “bend”, staying rigidly focused on controlling every aspect of life.  They can “snap” like dry bamboo and all too easily become edgy, irritable, and unaccommodating.

So tonight and tomorrow as our storm continues, open the window and listen to the rain drops.  But don’t just listen…really FEEL the sensations that move through your body as you let the water teach you about flow.  Water flows around barriers and boundaries, and always takes the easiest course downstream.  It softens the Wood of the bamboo so that it remains flexible.  So allow the energy of this rainstorm to seep into your whole being tonight.  Become flexible like the nourished bamboo.

Breathe deep as you listen to the rain coming down, and maybe this week, you will find that you’re able to sway just a little more gently when those winds of life come along, as surely we know they will.