Why am I Dressed like that in the Clinic? ~or~ Keeping my Wood Element Happy!

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Why am I Dressed like that in the Clinic? ~or~ Keeping my Wood Element Happy!

OK, well you may not exactly see me dressed quite like the picture above …but what you will likely notice when you come in for your treatments is that I will not always be dressed in my usual business-casual clothes.

Why is this? 

Because I’m wanting to practice what I preach, and be one more reminder for what we ALL need to be doing: staying fit. 

Like many people, for me, finding time and motivation to exercise on a regular basis is somewhat daunting.

Eating healthy?  No problem.  Cooking for sometimes hours per day?  No sweat.  But get me to consistently hit the trails running, or the gym, is another issue.

Wake Up Call and Call to Action

Consequently, last week I stepped on my scale which measures body fat percentage, and the number that showed up on the little digital screen was frightening. Over 31%!  Whoa!  Now I’ve always known I’m not the most muscle bound in the room, but 31%!  That’s just downright unhealthy.  So I’ve decided to do something about that, and what more perfect time of year than Wood season, when our Liver wants a GOAL and something it’s setting its vision on to accomplish?

Since it’s Spring, that means according to Chinese Medicine we are flying full speed ahead through the Wood Element.  Any of you who have been my patients for a couple seasons have heard me talk a LOT about the challenges that the Wood season brings

Think of Type-A energy on steroids, all around us, every day.  Everything in nature is about to burst forth, letting nothing stop its explosive and expansive rise towards the sun.  This is a lot of energy that we’ve got backing us up at this time of year.  If we don’t use it, rather letting our own energy stagnate; frustration and blockage, both physical and emotional, are sure to follow.  What this can look like is increased symptoms related to liver issues (I trust if you’re MY patient, you know what this means…) :-)  Not pretty.

So I just signed up to do the BolderBoulder again this year, which means I’m on a training program that will ideally get me back down to my humble aspirations of 23% body fat.  I probably won’t get there in the 9 weeks before the race, but that’s OK…all my liver wants from me is a goal and a vision, and to be actively headed towards it.

Wellness is not a number

I believe wellness is about how we feel, not a number, so I’m really not too concerned about hitting a certain target.  When I take great care of myself, the numbers naturally reflect this whether I check them or not, so my focus is really on the choices I’m making rather than reaching a destination.

My clinic wardrobe will be modeling my goals

Therefore, I will be donning fitness gear a few days per week in the clinic.  Not only because I want one less excuse to not ride my bike to work, or head to the gym or out for a run as soon as I leave, but because I want to be a reminder for all of us that we can integrate healthy lifestyles into our normal and busy lives.

Now I know not everyone has the freedom I have as a business owner to dress however I please.  However, I also value and deeply respect the trust that my patients give me everyday in caring for their wellness, and that just because I CAN dress however I please, doesn’t mean I SHOULD…or that it’s good for my practice.

I know that attire can say a lot about our intentions and how seriously we take our work.    Slovenly dress is just not acceptable.  Luckily, that’s not exactly what I’m going for here.

I figure my new attire will serve as a conversation piece, keeping me motivated, the conversation about fitness “up” as people inquire into how I’m doing with my training, but also maybe inspiring some of you who also need a goal this Wood season, to dust off your creative thinking caps and figure out what yours will be. My clothing will be symbolic of what I’m doing this Wood season to keep my liver balanced.

So…I look forward to seeing you while I don my fitness gear, and I promise…I will always shower before heading to work after a run. :-)

And, if I see you over the next several weeks, I’d love to hear what YOUR vision will be that will carry you forward with inspiration this Wood season.

**ps: check out my article in Bella Sparks Magazine for more on the Wood Element and staying balanced through this season.  I’ll be sending it out soon also.

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