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Acupuncture Insurance Parity Bill Passed in Colorado!

It’s a great week in the world of Acupuncture in the United States, and particularly Colorado.  A bill just passed, and will be signed into legislation soon, that requires insurance companies that cover acupuncture to accept claims from real, licensed acupuncturists.

Why this matters for both Acupuncturists and Patients

Up until now, insurance companies could deny reimbursement to legitimate acupuncturists while accepting claims from medical doctors or chiropractors who are practicing so called “acupuncture”; which left thousands of patients with no choice but to receive substandard care, or none at all.

Many different types of medical professionals are legally allowed to insert needles, many with zero to only 2 or 3 hundred hours of schooling (compared to over 3,000 of licensed acupuncturists); but only legitimately trained licensed acupuncturists, who went through the entire Chinese Medical School program, are really qualified to practice traditional Chinese medicine.

Now, patients can get the best care, as well as reimbursement! 

I’d say that’s progress!