Is your Microwave Doing More than just Heating your Food? Risks that Might Not be Worth it.

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Is your Microwave Doing More than just Heating your Food? Risks that Might Not be Worth it.

I’ve known for years that there are some serious issues from heating food or water in a microwave.  Most acupuncturists or natural medicine providers do not support their use.

But microwaves are so ubiquitous that most people have a hard time believing there could possibly be anything that bad about them. Doesn’t our regulatory system test appliances for safety before they’re put on the market?  When there’s a big push from industry and a lot of money to be made—fat chance.

Lately, I’ve gotten lazy and started using the microwave in the clinic.  I knew it wasn’t good, but since it had been so many years since I’d read the dangers, I got lazy myself and thought, “C’mon, Inger…once in a while can’t be that bad”…

…until one of my patients sent me a host of research that compelled me to not only stop using it ever, but to focus my next Wisdom for your Wednesday on this topic.

Below are 4 compelling reasons to use your microwave as a handy storage cubby rather than a cooking appliance:

  1. Research reported by The Journal of Natural Sciences in 1998 found that people who ate microwaved food had a statistically higher incidence of stomach and intestinal cancers, digestive disorders, and lymphatic malfunctions causing degeneration of the immune system.
  2. Thawing frozen fruits or microwaving vegetables, raw or cooked – even briefly – caused chemical alterations and reduced availability of vitamins B, C, E and essential minerals in all foods tested; and destroyed the nutritional value of nucleoproteins in meats.
  3. In another study, significant changes were seen in the blood samples of people after eating microwaved food, including reduced hemoglobin and a worsening of the ratio of good vs. bad cholesterol. White blood cells for immune function showed a distinct short-term decrease.
  4. Irregularities were found in the structure of the microwaved food – the creation of new compounds called “radiolytic” compounds that are unknown in nature.  The human body cannot metabolize these unknown byproducts.
  5. As soon as Dr. Hanz Hertel, the leading scientist to study the problems associated with microwaves, published his study, a powerful trade organization, the Swiss Association of Dealers of Electroapparatuses for Households and Industry, forced the courts to issue a “gag order”, which prohibited Hertel from repeating the statement that  microwaves are dangerous to our health.  If Dr. Hertel’s results were incorrect, then what would the association have to fear, as they would know that other scientists repeating his studies would not come to the same conclusion,thus discrediting Hertel and proving the safety of microwaves.

You may be asking “If all this is really true, why aren’t more studies being done proving this?” 

But who is going to pay for massive research projects that make no money?  Research is funded with the goal of being able to make a profit on the results, but what industry will benefit from a study that simply says “don’t use _______”. 

Perhaps the stove industry?  Well, we all already have stoves anyway, so it’s unlikely that studies such as these would result in massive amounts of people going out in droves and buying more stoves.

Yes…microwaves make life much more convenient in the short term; but if they cause serious illness and disease such as cancer and decreased immune system…perhaps it is more an illusion of convenience than reality.

So…think of the extra space you’ll have once you convert your little box into a storage cube! :-)

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