Clarity is Power

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Clarity is Power


We are in the height of the Fire season.   Another trait of the Fire Element that is just as important as the joy, communion, and fun that I wrote about in the Summer/Fire newsletter, is the trait of Clarity.

It is the illumination of our Fire that brings clarity to our passions.  When our Fire is shining brightly, it illumines our path and the road ahead of us is clear.  Our actions and words reflect clearly who we are.

What happens when we don’t have this clarity?

We flail around in life, make indiscriminate decisions in our work and personal lives, with the ensuing result of chaos.  We are like arrows flying through the air at full speed, shot by an unskilled archer with no target.  Sure…we may hit many targets, but do they have anything to do with our dreams in life?  Are we fulfilled with the target we’ve hit?  Probably not.

This week, I had an unsettling feeling in me that was unshakable.  In the quiet moments, or between patients, I would find myself sitting, heart beating palpably, with an inexplicable unease that women who experience PMS often complain of.  I used the tools known to me to settle myself:  Breathe…Go into my body, locate where the unease is, give it a name, a color, whatever it shows me to bring clarity around what’s wanting to be seen or understood…

Ugh…nothing.  Finally, this morning I did a heart meditation, which basically just meant focusing my awareness around my heart, allowing the energy to build and grow.

Suddenly later, I had a big “ah hah…!”.  Without my mind searching for the answer, it suddenly came:  There was something I needed to say to someone.  (Which, coincidentally or not, communication relates to the Fire Element) From that moment on, the unease began to subside, and peace soon came.  The path before me was clear.

Why do I share this story? 

Because I had first hand experience of the angst that can take hold of our bodies when we’re not clear on what we want, need, or where we’re headed. 

We can search outside ourselves for months or years, trying this career or that technique or studying this or that subject, but if we’re not in line with our own truth, we will be grasping at air, always unfulfilled.

That, to me, sounds like depression.

I googled “The importance of Clarity” and came across an excellent video of Tony Robbins.  I’ve never read or seen anything of his and was very impressed by what he had to say about it.  From him I got my title, “Clarity is Power”.

He said, bottom line, you’ve GOT to be clear on what it is you’re after.  That is the engine that starts spinning the wheel to move your life towards fulfillment.  He and his friends talk about moving towards what you want with “RPM’s”…getting there fast.  What is RPMs?

R= Result. Know the result you’re after.  He said that if you can’t answer the question of what you want in every area of your life; in your body, in your relationships, in your finances, then you’re not going to be as fulfilled as you want to be.

P= Purpose. Why do you want it?  If you don’t have enough reasons, you won’t make it happen.  “You can have big goals (make a million dollars, bring peace to the world) but as soon as you have a big goal, all the obstacles will come up. If you don’t have enough emotional power to break through it, you’ll give up on the dream.”  So you need to remind yourself why you want it.  What purpose will it serve?

M=Massive Action Plan. He says if your first plan doesn’t work and your second plan doesn’t work, you have to have back up plans so you don’t give up easily.

Translation into 5 Element terms

In 5 Elements terms, he’s basically speaking of the power of Passion that comes when our heart if clear.

We know what we want, we know why we want it, and that passion creates the drive (Wood energy) to make it happen.


Fire Element and Words/Affirmations

Because the Heart/Fire is also about communication, it is therefore about the words we speak. Words carry vibration.  (OK, if you’re coming to see me, I at least assume by now that you believe in energy and vibrations…after all, that’s what made you feel better…) That is why affirmations are so effective, and why it’s so important to really find the affirmation that carries that weight of your heart’s wildest passions and dreams.
So do you have clarity in life?

If so, I encourage you this week to put words to your clarity. Create an affirmation if you don’t already have one, that speaks to your hearts passions and who you are and are becoming in the world. Repeat it several time throughout the day whenever you remember.  Tape it on your computer, on your bathroom mirror…wherever it will help you remember to give voice to your heart’s desires.


But what if you’re lost…if clarity is the furthest thing from your reality?

Once, when I was in one of those times, my most powerful affirmation was simply “I have clarity”.  Saying this over and over, imagining what it would feel like to have clarity, and remembering what it felt like at times when I had had clarity, proved incredibly effective and efficient.

The most wonderful thing about the Heart’s wisdom, is that you can rarely (if ever) access it through the effort of your mind, or “figuring it out”.  It is just much too graceful for that much effort — for remember, this season is about ease.

So take a moment to ask yourself, am I clear in all areas of my life?  Your Heart Fire will thank you for it!