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Placebo-controlled Study: Acupuncture Improves Exercise Tolerance in Patients with Heart Failure

Promising Acupuncture Study for Heart Failure

I just found this new study posted on Pub.Med, one of the most credible sources of western medical information on the web.  It is a site of the National Institutes of Health and publishes only evidence based, peer reviewed studies.

This study measured cardiac and lung function, walking distance, post exercise recovery, as well as quality of life; and conducted real (VA) and sham acupuncture treatments in order to test the results of acupuncture on these measures of health.


  • The 6 min walk distance was remarkably increased in the VA group only

  • Post exercise recovery was improved in the VA group only

  • Lung function was improved in the VA group only
  • The ‘general health’ score and ‘body pain’ score of the quality-of-life questionnaire tended to be improved after VA.

The conclusion was that acupuncture may start to be a regular part of treatment for patients with Congestive Heart Failure.

I will share a story of the most extreme case of cardiac and pulmonary function improvement that I have ever treated.  It was several years ago, and the gentleman was I think in his 80’s.  As he states in the video testimonial, he could barely do any fast movement, and walked permanently hunched over as he tried to catch his breath.  He hadn’t used the steps in many years, and before his first treatment, he of course took the elevator up to my clinic.  The second day, to all of our shock, he walked up the stairs to arrive at the clinic!  He was so pleased by the results and accepted to be filmed to experience.

Watch testimonial here:  Acupuncture helps respiratory and heart function