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No One's Ever Called Me a Sportsfan...But These Famous Sportsmen are Definitely Fans of Acupuncture!

No one’s ever accused me of being a sportsfan.

But when I saw the list of well-known athletes who openly discuss the success they’ve had with using acupuncture, I decided to be a good sport :-)  and do some more research.  Below are listed just a few of the many examples you can find of famous athletes who incorporate acupuncture into their therapy to stay healthy, recover from injuries, and just in general increase their levels of wellness.

Grant Hill, a famous NBA player, speaks of his successful experience with acupuncture.  Here’s an excerpt:

“Acupuncture doesn’t just heal injuries, but it relaxes and at the same time stimulates energy,” said Cao. (Grant’s Acupuncturist)

After a Game 1 loss to Portland in the first round of the playoffs, Hill felt sluggish and heavy-legged. So he scheduled an appointment with Cao before Game 2 and came out “feeling better than at any time this entire season.”

As the Suns have progressed in the playoffs, Hill has kept up his treatments.“I’ve been kicking myself for not going to see him more during the regular season,” he said. “I’m low on energy or I might have a muscle contusion. I’ve even come for allergies. I don’t know if the stuff (really) works. Maybe it’s a placebo. But I like it and I’ve had good results doing it.”

Wade, of Miami Heat, also receives acupuncture, (and in fact an old supervisor of mine was his acupuncturist!)  Wade uses acupuncture to soothe his knee pain.

New Orleans Saints tight end Jeremy Shockey and Seattle Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck are regular followers of acupuncture, as told by an article in Men’s Health.  As quoted in this article,

“‘There are a lot of muscles that are hard to stretch,’Seahawks defender Patrick Kerney has said. ‘Acupuncture hits those and releases them and makes you feel a lot better.’”

The San Francisco Giants and New York Yankees also made the list of major players in the world of those who believe in acupuncture.  An article started by saying,

“What do the New York Yankees and the San Francisco Giants have in common besides baseball? It’s acupuncture. Both teams employ a staff acupuncturist and the players are happy to share their clinical successes with the public. It is not uncommon for both amateur and professional athletes to use acupuncture. From Olympic gymnastics to professional basketball, acupuncture has an important role.”

While I don’t focus on injury or orthopedics in my practice, there was a time when most of what I was treating was pain. 

While satisfying on one level, treating pain often left me unfulfilled, as in general, people coming for pain tend to be looking for a quick fix (understandably!!! Make this pain go away ASAP!), and are not all that interested in 1) having to come for repeat treatments to see results. (which is often simply necessary and not a discrediting of the medicine in any way), or 2) working on overall wellness and health, which is my first passion.

But you notice from the articles mentioned above, the players clearly state that they go regularly for acupuncture to maintain their stamina, high energy, feelings of wellness, and relief from pain. It seems that they understand that something much deeper and powerful is happening than simply the alleviation of discomfort.

So take a clue from these famous athletes, who must be on top of their game (no pun intended…OK, maybe it was) at all times in order to perform well in their jobs.  Let acupuncture be a regular part of your wellness routine.