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"Practice Acupuncture in 4 Short Days!"


I became informed of the above advertisement for “medical acupuncture” while browsing the web for interesting articles to post to my blog.

Medical “Acupuncture”

The issue of medical acupuncture is becoming a bigger and bigger problem for patients and our profession as it still struggles to be accepted by the mainstream.

Well, actually, we’re not struggling at all…it’s really the western medical world that is struggling to accept us while meanwhile we’re being overwhelmingly embraced by the public.

The irony is, at the same time that western medicine continues to discredit acupuncture, it is allowing their physicians to practice the medicine with little or no training, creating the very problems that they use as arguments to discredit our medicine — namely, that we are unqualified to practice medicine.  Physicians who know nothing about the medicine (aka: unqualified) are suddenly able to practice acupuncture after only a few days of training.

Why do I concern you with this?

Because several times a month many of my patients ask me if I can refer their out-of-town mother/brother/son/friend, etc. to an acupuncturist.  And like their loved ones, there are millions of others who have never seen an acupuncturist and who will soon search for one…and possibly will end up with a chiropractor, MD, PA, or PT who is practicing “medical acupuncture” with almost no knowledge of the medicine.

The more the public is educated, the more they will know what to look for when seeking out an acupuncturist.

A great place to start is acufinder.com.  This acupuncture directory lists ONLY fully trained, certified, and licensed acupuncturists, and it researches the person’s background before posting their contact information on their website.

So if you hear of anyone looking for an acupuncturist, do them and many others a favor and educate them on what to look for in an acupuncturist.

Pass along the website I posted above, which should give them a great start.  And don’t be afraid to do what several of my patients have done, which is to say to their MDs and chiropractors a polite “no thanks, I prefer to see someone who has been fully trained in acupuncture” when they have offered to try acupuncture on them.

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