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I'm in Love with a Married Man!

So I got your attention, eh?

Nothing like a good scandal to increase the readability of my posts!  ;-)

But seriously…I did fall in love again this week…over a bowl of Cauliflower Cheese soup, and yes, the man is married. He is the famous Jamie Oliver, and if you haven’t heard of him, please inform yourself! Because by following his playfulness, inspiration and guidance, your life will become healthier and way more fun.

As my next seasonal newsletter will explain, it’s actually important to focus on playfulness through the Summer/Fire season.

I tend to see people in my clinic when they’re at their worst…patients come to me because something isn’t working in their lives…they’re sick, depressed, tired, and/or in pain.  There can be a lot of the idea of “hard” when it comes to healing…especially when lifestyle changes are in order…which is usually always. After all, life is what got us where we’re at, yes?

FUN and keeping your Fire Element balanced

But enter fun into the equation, and we’re more likely to make changes. The people at TheFunTheory.com say “We believe that the easiest way to change people’s behaviour for the better is by making it fun to do. We call it The fun theory.”  Check out their short and entertaining video showing how they got people to want to use the stairs instead of the escalator, by making it FUN! (you really don’t want to miss this video!)

So why do I fall in love with Jamie Oliver every time I make one of his recipes?
  • Because reading his cookbooks is FUN!
  • Because his recipes turn out beautiful, which makes them more appealing to eat
  • Because he’s cute.   (ok, so I admit it!)
  • Because he encourages getting out there and connecting with your neighbors, community, and its growers, and I think that’s fun.  Doing things together makes it into a celebration.

Do his recipes follow Chinese Medicine prescriptions for dietary balance?  Not at all. (and update, now that I’ve gone paleo since writing this blog many years ago: Are his recipes Paleo? Nope.)

Do they get people excited to get back into the kitchen (or into the kitchen for the first time, in many cases)? Absolutely.

So I encourage you to start where you’re at.

If we’ve done a nutrition consult, you probably have a handout I gave you which lists the foods that will balance your constitution.  Have you been using it?  Have you been cooking at all? (if you’re my patient and we haven’t done a nutrition consult just ask me for these food lists)

Do you feel overwhelmed, which has led you to just give up entirely? 

Then throw “should” out the window, figure out how you can bring more fun into the process of cooking, and just jump right in, regardless of whether the foods you cook are exactly right for you. (the one disclaimer is that if there are foods you eat which you know make you immediately sick…probably no point of cooking with those)

Getting your hands on any one of Jamie’s cookbooks is a great way to start, because he uses all fresh, whole ingredients.

You can also stay tuned for announcements regarding cooking classes that will be offered throughout the growing season, featuring local seasonal foods available through a CSA or the farmer’s market.(The coolest thing is, the foods that are fresh each season are typically the ones we need to be eating anyway to stay balanced during that very season.)

And if you don’t want to wait for my summer newsletter to read my Summer/Fire season article, you can see the same article published in the current issue of local BellaSparks–formerly Healing Path–magazine! (pg. 32) by clicking the link.