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Feeling the Grumpies Coming On? Well, You're not Alone

Feeling more irritable lately?

Getting bothered by the silly little things?

Well you’re not alone!

Already this week people are beginning to report an increase in their levels of irritability and frustration.

Get ready, because that time of year is just around the corner.

As the days become longer and we move out of Water season and into the Wood, the energy is about to take its most dramatic turn of the year, and everything will be about growth, development, and forward movement.

So what does this have to do with feeling grumpy???

A lot!

The Wood season is associated with the emotion of anger and frustration, so we are more prone to those feelings in the spring time.

If you look at what’s happening in nature, it will help you to understand why this is so. Just as the grasses and flowers are suddenly bursting upward and letting nothing get in their way, so to do we want to move forward and progress. If we are hampered in any way, we immediately lose patience. Some are feeling this effect already.

So your kid takes a little extra time fiddle-faddling as you’re trying to get out the door, or you’re convinced that that silly red light is purposely not changing just to bug YOU – and you’re smoldering in your skin!

What can you do?

My spring seasonal article explains in detail how you can take advantage of this amazing opportunity for growth without being overtaken by impatience and anger.

But for now, just relax and breathe, and know that we are all in this together. Let that person who cuts in front of you in the grocery lane just BE — send them a blessing and a prayer, for certainly if they are behaving that unconsciously, they must be feeling even more uncomfortable and anxious than you are! The more you keep your cool, the more balanced you remain…and then everyone comes out ahead.

And secondly, begin visioning now for what you would like to create in your life this spring, because once that energy rises, you’re going to want to explode out like a canon, with nothing holding you back. Wood energy likes a plan, and setting it in place now will create ease once spring hits us full force.

And it never hurts to hear it again, patience indeed is a virtue… especially in this turn into the glimmers of Spring.

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