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What you Should Eat this Week may Surprise You

(update: this is an old post from before I went paleo, so I now would make changes accordingly. But I kept this post up because the message still applies!)

Today, as I sit and write looking out my still-winter window and think about what I’ve learned this week, I notice the leafless trees and unmelted snow on the ground.

(Will it ever melt???)

It is barren and dull outside, and there’s not much to look at out there.

But even as the sun begins to set — too early for most of our liking — I notice I feel uplifted and energized as I savor a decadent treat that I gifted myself last summer.

And I’ve suddenly found my inspiration for this week’s bit of Wisdom:  A simple bowl of warm local peaches, harvested last year and preserved into compote for enjoyment on just a winter’s day as today, topped with a dollop of fresh organic cream.

peaches and cream

Mmmmmm…preserved sunshine and fluffy rich decadence!

OK, so it has whipped cream on top — even sweetened with a small amount of unrefined sugar — and we generally want to avoid too much of this kind of thing. But as I tune into my body, all I feel is a yes, Yes, YES!

What could possibly be that important about a simple bowl of peaches and whipped cream that a lesson of balance and self-care would come out of it?

Answer:  the fact that too often I get the sincere questions: How much should I eat?  Is this good for me?  What should I eat?  How much should I drink?

The fact is, we have become so disconnected from our bodies, and their signals which tell us what we need to be strong and happy; that we leave it to some book or a site on the internet to tell us what we should be putting into our bodies.  There’s this diet and that plan and fruit is good–no, fruit is bad, and carbs make you fat and on and on and on.

But what about the simple question:  How do you FEEL when you eat this?  Do you feel stressed and agitated afterwards?  Are you left with cravings for more?  Are you zapped of energy or does this sustain you for several hours?

Chinese medicine states that there is no single diet that is right for everyone.  While one person may need meat to strengthen and build their body, another may need heaps of raw salads with their cleansing and detoxing properties.  Sure, I stress to my patients the importance of eating what will balance them, based on their Chinese medical diagnosis.

But in this culture where we are not taught to look inside and attain our wisdom from our own selves (heck…where’s the money in that!), I offer you a simple exercise:

~ This week, after everything you eat, take a couple minutes…that’s really all it takes, I guarantee you…and bring your awareness into your body and see how you feel.  How do you FEEL?  Is your heart racing…do you feel bloated…do you notice your feet firmly on the ground, feeling your connection to the earth, or do you feel all stuck up in your head…a bit frenzied?  All of these are important things to notice for discovering what foods are right for you. ~

And what better time than winter, this time of the yin, this time of the internal, to go inside and discover YOU and YOUR needs. The energy of the entire universe is here to assist you in this right now, while it is still the darkness of winter, and you can use this time for your benefit to create a sense of awareness. Come spring, the energies will change and it will be an outward energy until next Fall.

Come to think of it, perhaps our creator wanted a dull and barren season so that our attention would be less attracted outwardly, and we’d have time to discover our own essence and answers.

Hmmm, something to think about…

Oh yes!  But now, back to my peaches and cream!



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