Services Offered

Acupuncture ~ Customized Herbal Formulas ~ Nutritional Counseling

acupuncture treatment

Woman receiving a relaxing acupuncture treatment on her back.

Inger primarily uses a combination of Acupuncture and customized Chinese herbal formulas. Because of the nature of conditions she treats, almost all her patients are put on an herbal formula, if they’re open to it.

Acupuncture or herbs can be used individually; however, the combination of the two has proven to be the best, and fastest, route to recovery.

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In addition to Acupuncture and herbs, if Inger feels that nutritional guidance/changes are necessary as well, she will encourage patients to make a nutrition consultation so that she has time to go deeper into educating patients on both Western holistic approaches to nutrition, as well as individualized Eastern approaches they can incorporate as well.