Office Manager/Receptionist/Insurance Biller

Liz, Wisdom Ways Acupuncture

Liz, our Office Manager, Receptionist, & Insurance Biller Extraordinaire!

Since 2014, when someone calls the clinic, Liz’s has been the happy voice  heard on the other end of the line! She handles almost all of the administrative tasks associated with running the office, including the Insurance Billing.

While Inger might have built this ship named Wisdom Ways Acupuncture, Liz is the one who helps keep it on course every day. She goes the extra mile making sure that any administrative need a patient may have is taken care of in a very efficient, friendly, and thorough fashion.

Liz is passionate about wellness herself, and is currently studying Holistic Nutrition. She graduated from Denver University with a degree in Marine Biology.

In her free time, you’ll find her in a yoga studio, in the mountains hiking, and soon, riding around on her new motorcycle! :-)

Patients are constantly commenting on how awesome and helpful Liz is, and she’s been a huge asset to the clinic!