Inger Giffin, Licensed Acupuncturist, Dipl. Ac., FABORM

Inger, Acupuncturist


Inger Giffin, Acupuncturist Fort Collins

Inger Giffin, Acupuncturist

For Inger (pronounced Inga), Chinese medicine is not just a job or even a career, it’s a life calling. Every day, she wakes up passionate to learn more about this medicine that she witnesses doing “miracles” everyday in her clinic. After 18 years of clinical experience, she just grows more committed by the year to delve deeper into this medicine to unlock its secrets.

She has trained in both the US and China, where she studied at one of the top medical schools in the country. Her primary Chinese Medical education and license were obtained in California, which has the most rigorous testing and educational requirements in the U.S. She also continues her study of this ancient medicine, most recently focusing on Classical Medicine and deepening her work with the complex practice of customized herbal formulas (which in China is a primary treatment for most of the conditions she treats)

Rather than treating everything that presents itself to her, she has limited her practice to focusing on treating those conditions for which she is most excited: women’s health, natural fertility, and the complex combination of chronic internal medical conditions which she sees so often in today’s women. By narrowly focusing her training, studies, and clinical work for several years, she has been able to improve her success rates for these conditions dramatically; while increasing her confidence in this medicine’s ability to help even the worst of these conditions.

Continued Studies in Chinese Medicine

Almost every day before seeing patients, Inger spends hours in her home office poring over the classical Chinese medical literature, studying herbs and related course-work; and applying this new knowledge to her challenging cases. In this way, by digging deeper and deeper into the medicine, she is often able to help even the most stubborn, confusing cases. The more she studies, the more humbled she becomes by the absolute beauty and power of this old medicine.

Because of her love of learning, and her personal experience of knowing how important knowledge is in empowering healthy choices, a huge aspect that makes treatment with Inger unique is her emphasis on “educational medicine”. Meaning, it’s very important for her to make sure patients understand how we’re seeing the body and its problems from a Chinese medical perspective, so that people can know what influenced the problem in the first place and unique ways of helping to improve it on their own outside the treatment room. She often hears from patients who just moved to town and were under the care of another acupuncturist, that the treatment they receive with her is completely different from any experience with other acupuncturists — her thorough approach, detailed questions, constant return to the bigger holistic picture, personal background with deep emotional/spiritual healing, as well as the time she takes explaining things; take the work to a completely different, and deeper, level.

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Experience: 18 years clinical experience

  • 9 years Private Practice
  • 2 years General Medicine Acupuncture Clinic
  • 7 years Women’s Health Clinic

Acupuncture, Herbal, & Fertility Training:


Inger talks about acupuncture to Chinese medical students.

Inger speaking about acupuncture in the West, at a Chinese medical school — ZheJiang TCM University, China: 2007

  • Guest speaker; ZheJiang TCM University, China
  • Class series:
    • “Seasonal Medicinal Eating-Let the changing foods you eat through the year be your medicine”
    • “Introduction to Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine”
    • “Five Elements:  Staying Balanced Through Understanding Your Psychi”
  • Guest Lecturer, Women’s Health Class; Cabrillo College, CA; 1999
  • Lecturer, Women’s Health Series Classes; Blaine Street Women’s Correctional Facility; 1999
  • Lecturer, “History of Women’s Health Movement”; Santa Cruz Women’s Health Center; 1998


Volunteer Work:

  • Ally (Mentor) for Circles Self Sufficiency Program, Fort Collins, CO, 2012
  • Board of Directors The Growing Project, Fort Collins, CO, 2010-2012
  • Health Educator, Guatemala, 2001
  • Health Educator/Patient Advocate & Assistant, Santa Cruz Women’s Health Center,1997-2004


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