Inger Giffin M.S., Licensed Acupuncturist, Dipl. Ac., FABORM

Inger speaking at Chinese medical school on the topic of acupuncture

What Makes Acupuncture with Inger Different?

Inger’s Vision is to provide educational health care of the highest quality, so patients are empowered to go on to live lives of health and wellness on their own. She is a passionate teacher, believing that when patients understand the connections between their imbalances and how those play out in their bodies, they can start making new choices that assist in the healing process.   Patients continuously report that treatment with Inger is unlike any healthcare they’ve received elsewhere—that for the first time, they understand a completely new way of looking at their condition and health that helps them resolve and prevent illness. The key difference is the time Inger takes with each patient, explaining in detail how their unique life and health picture came together to form their current state of health or dis-ease.   This makes each treatment not just something that happens ‘to’ patients, but a partnering in health that happens ‘with’ patient’s full involvement and learning.

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Because of Inger’s commitment to education, she is also continuously learning herself, ongoingly pursuing advanced studies and doing research in her areas of specialty.

Experience: 18 years clinical experience

-9 years Private Practice
-2 years General Medicine Acupuncture Clinic
-7 years Women’s Health Clinic

Acupuncture, Herbal, & Fertility Training:

– Master of Oriental Medicine, Five Branches University, CA – 4 Year Program
– Advanced Fertility/Infertility Training through/Fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine
– Gynecology & Gastroenterology Internships, ZheJiang TCM University, HangZhou, China
– Graduate University of California, Santa Cruz:  Biology


-Guest speaker; ZheJiang TCM University, China
-Class series:

“Seasonal Medicinal Eating-Let the changing foods you eat through the year be your medicine”
“Introduction to Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine”
“Five Elements:  Staying Balanced Through Understanding Your Psychi”

-Guest Lecturer, Women’s Health Class; Cabrillo College, CA; 1999
-Lecturer, Women’s Health Series Classes; Blaine Street Women’s Correctional Facility; 1999
-Lecturer, “History of Women’s Health Movement”; Santa Cruz Women’s Health Center; 1998


Acupuncture Association of Colorado

National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

– Fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine

Volunteer Work:

-Ally (Mentor) for Circles Self Sufficiency Program, Fort Collins, CO, 2012

-Board of Directors The Growing Project, Fort Collins, CO, 2010-2012

-Health Educator, Guatemala, 2001

-Health Educator/Patient Advocate & Assistant, Santa Cruz Women’s Health Center,1997


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