Acupuncture for Auto-Immune

Acupuncture for Auto-immunity

Unfortunately, the past several years have seen an exponential rise in the number of patients coming in for acupuncture for auto-immune conditions. On the bright side, Chinese medicine can radically improve your life with an auto-immune diagnosis!

I have a personal passion for treating auto-immunity, since my Significant Other was diagnosed with MS several years ago. We immediately started treating him with a combination of Chinese medicine and nutrition, and he’s living a completely normal life, with no sign of the disease, at all.

But this success story isn’t just an isolated incident, I see this with so many of my patients as well. It’s why I feel so passionate about helping other people with this disease.

Once you’re diagnosed with one auto-immune disease, it’s usually just a matter of time before your body starts attacking itself somewhere else as well, leading to more and more diseases. But you don’t have to go that route, and you CAN get your life back.

The key is, we MUST stop the inflammation at its source.

Acupuncture & Chinese herbs for Auto-Immunity

Why auto-immunity happens is up for much debate, but Chinese medicine has its own theories for how to treat it, which look more at the ways the disease is playing out in each person’s individual body, causing unique imbalances and symptoms, and caused by unique imbalances. A body in balance is a body less likely to have over or under-active functioning.

Like with any other illness, as an acupuncturist I will take a thorough look at how it’s playing out in your body, which might be very different from how it’s playing out in another patient with the same diagnosis.

Obviously we need to calm down an overactive immune system, but at the same time we must nourish and build up the body so the immune system can still function where it needs to — to fight pathogens and disease.

The western treatment plan of suppressing the immune system with steroids not only sets people up for other problems, but creates many other symptoms to go along with those directly associated with the disease.  Many believe, as I do, that the medicines used to treat auto-immunity are actually directly related to its progression.

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Nutrition for Auto-immunity

One of the most important “non-acupuncture” approaches that needs to be taken is a look at nutrition.  Are you eating foods that are causing an allergic response, triggering your immune system into over-activity? Are you eating foods that your body reacts negatively to, causing chronic inflammation? Are you eating foods which, based on your Chinese medical diagnosis of imbalance, are the exact ones which will increase the imbalances that caused the disease in the first place?  Addressing nutrition can dramatically improve a patient’s symptoms and progression of their disease.

In some cases I will send patients to doctors with whom I work, who can order food sensitivities and possibly other necessary tests, to help us determine any potential food related issues.

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