Acupuncture for Gynecological Issues

Acupuncture for Gynecological Issues

Gynecological issues are some of the most common things we treat.  Regardless of what a woman is coming in for, I will always ask how her cycle is or was, as this gives us great insight into what imbalances are lurking inside.  But the realm of gynecology includes so much more than just the menstrual cycle.

Unfortunately, Chinese medicine is not used in the US for gynecological issues anywhere near to the extent that it is able. While studying advanced gynecology in China, I saw it used extensively for issues that in the US we would think of as “too severe” for Chinese medicine; such as fibroids/masses (up to a certain size), endometriosis, and heavy bleeding. Chinese medicine is the primary course of treatment in these cases all over China, and using it on my patients with these issues has garnered the same results. Many women have been able to avoid surgeries and other procedures meant to alleviate the above-mentioned, and other menstrual/reproductive related issues.

Other common gynecological issues we treat are: abnormal discharges, vaginal infections, itching/burning, pelvic pain, urinary symptoms.

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Chinese Herbs for Gynecological Issues

Herbs are often a non-negotiable aspect of the treatment for many gynecological issues.  Like the use of herbs for any other condition, the herbs chosen will be targeted towards each woman’s specific imbalances.  They might also be given in “phases”, changing throughout the course of a woman’s monthly cycle.

Herbs are so powerful for treating gynecological issues that they are commonly the first-course and only treatment used to resolve these issues in China.