Forms to Complete

Please print and complete ALL of the relevant* forms in the links below, and bring them to your first acupuncture visit. If you do not have a printer or need to fill them out once you arrive, please email or call to let us know you will be arriving 30-40 minutes early to complete the forms, and we will have them waiting and ready for you when you arrive.

It often takes people up to 30 minutes to complete all forms, so we recommend not waiting until the last minute!

  • *FERTILITY PATIENTS:  Please note that you have an extra form to complete, outlining your fertility history
  • *INSURANCE PATIENTS: PLEASE NOTE THAT IF YOU WISH US TO BILL INSURANCE, YOU MUST ARRIVE WITH THE LAST FORM COMPLETED, SO THAT YOUR INSURANCE HAS BEEN VERIFIED BEFORE YOUR VISIT. OTHERWISE WE WILL JUST ASSESS THE SELF-PAY RATE UNTIL THE TIME AT WHICH YOUR INSURANCE HAS BEEN VERIFIED. We are happy to bill your insurance for you, but we need your help in order to help you! To avoid any surprise charges at your first visit, please come prepared with this form completed.

Acupuncture Treatment Forms (All Patients):



Fertility Patients Extra Form:

**please note that we only work with women who are trying to get pregnant naturally, and their male partners for male factor fertility — if you will also be starting ART/IVF please call for a referral to another clinic

New Patient Fertility History for FEMALE
New Patient Fertility History Intake for MALES

For patients wishing to bill insurance:

Acupuncture Insurance Verification

(For those patients wishing to bill their insurance: Complete this form by calling your insurance and asking the questions provided, and bring it to your first acupuncture appointment along with your insurance card. If you do NOT arrive at your first appointment with this form completed, we will simply apply the self-pay fee at the time of your visit, until the time at which your coverage has been verified) *Please note that even if your plan includes acupuncture benefits, some plans only cover limited conditions*


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