The Wood Element/Spring & Acupuncture Theory: Tips on Keeping Your Wood Element Balanced as we Head Into Spring

by Inger Giffin, L.Ac., Dipl. Ac.

As you watch this video, if you suspect you’re a Wood type…remember!…it doesn’t mean that you’re like this all the time, or even that you ever display the extremely imbalanced traits that I discuss here. Those who are very unbalanced in their element display the most exaggerated traits of that element, which are helpful to use as teaching points to illustrate the underlying drive of the element. But in many people it’s likely that the imbalances will show up in us as less dramatic displays of the same energy.

The point is to see if you tend to go towards these qualities under stress. The goal then is to balance the elements so that we express the positive and wonderful traits of our elements without being so challenged by its weaknesses.


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